The Afghan Whigs: Toy Automatic

Three listens for this one.

I was just looking to describe the song (I think) and I did alright in that regard.
However, I feel as though I could’ve fleshed this out a lot more.

The Afghan Whigs’ “Toy Automatic” is from In Spades.

I hope you enjoy.

A big and steady beat ushers in the other instruments which then proceed to draw out in a harmonious flow, rich in sound and melody. Soon vocals call out, mostly short and punchy, with the occasional longer passage.

A new sound arpeggiates along the rhythm as the instruments repeat their previous section. However, instead of progressing to something new they hold on a section.

Soon the drums shift and the instruments flourish. The beat is more defined and punctual, and the vocals soar for a moment. Brass comes in and once more there is a sense of holding, drawing out the moment and jamming on it for shifting. Once leaving the section the music seems to flourish even more. Rich in tone, beautiful and driving. It sounds joyous in a way that may belie a sadness, even as the vocals float and drift over the prettiness.

At the right moment the instruments hit on a note of finality and let a warmth briefly flow as the song ends.

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