Metroid Metal: Prime 3 Theme / Bryyo

This was written over one listen, though there was a pause and one part where I had to rewind as I wasn’t sure if there was sound for one section.

I’m not sure what I was trying to do with this one. Maybe just capture a sense of flow. Maybe. What I do know is that what I wrote is really rough which like has to do with how little I’ve been writing this month.

Metroid Metal’s “Prime 3 Theme/Bryyo” is from Expansion Pack.

I hope you enjoy.

A quick crunch and the guitar starts riding the percussion and helping to form a mean groove. The rhythm rides on out, guitar releases a little and some of the song’s sounds become more apparent.

A dramatic moment comes in and allows the bass to come in and help establish a more firm foundation. Staccato comes foreword for rhythm and some guitar still rides what is happening, though with more of a sense of mood and drama. The instruments then descend, rise and descend, finding their steps with confidence and getting across a sense of some sort of menace before once more returning to the main rhythm, though with a bit more of a sway and swagger.

All mostly drops out in a way, sort of playing out before all goes quiet. Bass and percussion search through a darkened atmosphere whilst the guitars play out, not quite at a loss, but feeling almost uncertain. Looking, trying to return back to where they need to be. There’s not quite a sense of urgency, but almost a despair before the two parts once more find themselves and unite more firmly than before.

The instruments rise up and let loose, playing with fury and vigour and pummel their way forward, charging before finding one more pause. Then once more the main melody returns and once more the instruments ride on, locking into a groove and riding the rhythm before reaching a sudden halt.

Quietly a sound moves forward before all come back and make their final push without relent. Once more the descent returns for a climactic finish and, after one last thrust of energy, the instruments stop, leaving guitar to fade out at the song’s end.

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