Austin Wintory: Apotheosis

One listen for this one.

I started talki0ng more about the song as it was happening and realised that that was not something that I wanted to do so I switched gear. As such, this is uneven in a few ways, but that’s not different from usual.

Austin Wintory’s “Apotheosis” is from Journey, the soundtrack for Journey.

I hope you enjoy.

A low hum moves onward and slowly finds itself joined by other sounds. Strings move a little about and they too draw long, though with more movement. A slight flourish of sound, though calm and weighted before it starts to fade out.

A strum signifies a rush and a build of tension. There is a building to something dramatic and dire, but it too finds a stop before things become too much.

Strings seem to form a base upon which other sounds seem to lift up from. They lift repeatedly as the strings move with a sense of urgency and slow a space fills with a gentleness. There seems to be a sense of a movement toward something. There is a building up. There is an accompaniment and there is a reflection upon things that have come and maybe things that may be, but what matters most is the moment.

Sounds build up and reinforce and look toward where to go next. They rise and push on forward and move into something bright. A catharsis gradually approaches as motion joins emotion in an upwelling. Determination comes forward as the need to push on forward supersedes all and suddenly there is a freedom that stretches out and onward. Suddenly no longer bound and a destination is pushed toward.

Floating along as the sounds pull back and a landing is found. The destination lies ahead and a drone stretches outward. Percussive sounds ring and build and tone pushes a discovery that remains unknown. Almost a pause and a lone string plays out, calling, searching in an emptiness. A percussive sound rings out and stretches and forms a base as the string moves on, searching, looking for something at the journey’s end and it’s all there, but it is not known.

Slight appearances of what was fade in and out of view as the string sounds its last at the song’s end.

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