VIQ: Vestige

One listen for this one.

Had to restart early as I was distracted and technically I finished the writing after another song started. Such is the way of things sometimes.

I tried to talk less about what the music was doing and focus on the imagery. The song is alright; it’s nothing special and relies a little too much on coolness and stating what one should feel which leads to it feeling superficial and manipulative, but it’s alright. It’s enjoyable for what it is. However, some of that and some of that criticism seeped in here, I think.

VIQ’s “Vestige” is from Crystal Shores.

I hope you enjoy.

Something slowly shimmering fades into view as the horizon reveals the path ahead and around. A strike of something deep and sounds form shapes of a view rich with some sort of seriousness.

Suddenly the beat bursts on in as movement forward continues on through a shapeless, yet entirely formed landscape. Space between strikes as the idea of emotion is pushed forward through the forcefulness of the sounds. Tone and texture comes into play just before the sounds pull back and allow some space that allows something akin to a guitar to shine.

The beat returns and an emotional manipulation suggesting comfort among a sadness comes forward among a soundscape that proceeds slow and steady. Staring forward determination leads through the landscape and all wakes up form a lengthy night. The sun rises somewhere behind, but there’s no time to look back for all the coolness that needs to be handled is here and there’s no turning back.

However, even through all this there needs to be an end and so all fades out, leaving a few notes to ring on out, suggesting something cool and lingering, and maybe a continuation elsewhere, if that is necessary, as it is here that the song ends.

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