Rei Kondoh: Cursed Sei-an City

Three listens and I don’t feel I took advantage of the time I took to write this.
There was a fair bit of time where I was looking over what I wrote rather than expanding and that hampered the writing by a fair bit. There’s a lot to pull from this piece of music but I only wrote about a very small amount.

Rei Kondoh’s (近藤 嶺) “Cursed Sei-an City” (“呪われた西安京”) is from is from Ōkami Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Clover Studios’ Ōkami.

I hope you enjoy.

Woodwind blows soft whilst a menace builds underneath. Percussion carefully steps whilst more woodwind draws out. A percussive strike and sounds stretch out whilst atmosphere thickens.

Steady are the beats and constant are the sounds as they stretch on forward. Long and drawing, they paint heaviness as it swirls around. Something seems to rise from the sounds but it is not quite seen and disappears.

Space is found but it is not for long. It is space for breathing and yet the room does not feel like it is there. Once more the beat returns and once more it remains steady. Sounds slide past whilst lightness pushes the weight. Heaviness remains, as does oppression and it continues on once the beat disappears. It continues on as the song ends.

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