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East Gippsland Radio Station Dream

I was in East Gippsland in a radio station. It was really big and I was on one of the upper floors which felt like an office space. I’m not sure as to why I was there but I was … Continue reading

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Yuko Komiya: Everlasting Words

This is another song I’ve had queued up for a while. It was fairly straightforward to write about and I think that has to do with me being familiar enough to have an idea of how the song goes, but … Continue reading

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Another Poem About Procrastion

This was written over maybe two or three minutes. This all came easy which I’m happy about, but it is really rough. I think the next time I do one of these I’ll spend a good deal of time on … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1131: Been Sluggish

I have so much catching up to do at the moment. The last few months have been much more sluggish to do and I am determined to catch up on everything. The next few months are going to be really … Continue reading

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Corvus coronoides in flight

Behold! an Australian raven flying to some place. To a sign I believe. This one was seen around La Perouse and I found it odd to be so close to the ocean, but seeing as I don’t know much about … Continue reading

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