Hiroki Kikuta: Fable

One listen for this one but there was a bit of a struggle to get there.
Mostly life getting in the way. Then being really tired today.

I don’t think the result is anything good. I get an idea of the song across but there’s not really much that says anything about it, if that makes sense.

Hiroki Kikuta’s (菊田 裕樹) “Fable” (“寓話”) is from Seiken Densetsu 3 Original Sound Version, the soundtrack for Seiken Densetsu 3.

I hope you enjoy.

Woodwind drifts upon a weak breeze whilst piano flows upon underneath, trying to reach up and not quite being able to do so However, soon the woodwind is joined by another and the piano is able to not so much reach but at lest keep following underneath. They move with both quickness and slowness and soon the breeze picks up, lifting them a little higher.

There’s almost a hesitation but something comes forward in the sounds. There is importance and seriousness. Eventually the woodwind fades and the keys are left to continue on and they finally reach, but are too late and so the process starts again.

Through the mystery of it all clarity is found and it becomes apparent that a tale is being woven into reality, though it always was. In the space the sounds hit hard, but without aggression, and the full picture reveals itself. The sounds move with a smoothness toward a destination that is known, though they cannot hold and once more it is the piano left, and the song ends.

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