Ukiyo-e: Souwester

This one was not the easiest to go on about and I’m not sure why. It seems like a fairly straightforward song but I think either I was overthinking what I was writing or I was going against the song, so to speak. Not really sure. Regardless, I think some of this is alright and some of it is lacking.

From what I’ve read, Ukiyo-e were a Sydney band that existed around the turn of the millennium. They’re stuff is interesting and worth hearing at least once.

Ukiyo-e’s “Souwester” is from Inland.

I hope you enjoy.

A low hum and guitar fill a space with a sound that lowers. From the low hum a dulled harshness comes forward and disappears. Slowly sounds rise on up, gaining more clarity as the guitar starts and stops and carries a sadness. If not a sadness, then certainly a melancholy.

There seems to be rumination and soon bass and percussion come in to fill out space and keep the feeling going. It is a rumination and it is a driving one, or at least it seems driving. Space is delicate and precious and sounds dedicate themselves to melding with each other.

Perhaps it is a loneliness borne from a desire to live a certain way, or a loneliness caused by ostracisation.

There is a brief pause in the sounds and the remaining instrumentation holds a sense of fragile calm before all comes back and with more texture and depth. More rumination. More thinking upon things and perhaps some looking inward. Perhaps there is a joviality and joy among it all, but it is merely a layering that could easily peel away.

The pause returns and it almost seems like the sounds are wrapping up. Mood seems thicker and once more the sounds return to full. The bass heaves with the guitar; the hum stretches out and the percussion keeps steady. Occasional additional touches come in, feeling like small flourishes upon an atmosphere that is thick and obvious, yet retains a sense of subtlety and tastefulness.

Once more much of the instrumentation pulls away and this time the song finds its finality. There is no big climax and all that is left are some lightly rippling steps in a tender space as the song ends.

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