Bocuma: Overcoming

I had a bit of difficulty starting this one off. It became easier as the song went on and I think I was due to easing into the song, so to speak. Not a great writing; I feel I was too descriptive of what was happening with the song. I think that in part was due to expecting something else for some reason. I’ve heard this a few times over the past few days so I’m not sure why I was expecting something different.

Bocuma’s “Overcoming” is from The Day of Purple Dawning.

I hope you enjoy.

A beat seems to pulse with scatterings of percussion. Voices make appearances here and there, almost as memories appearing as fragments. The percussion slightly adds to itself and changes whilst remaining as it was; soon gentle, almost thin waves of synth come on and carry a sense of the melancholic as much as they carry a sense of accepting and moving.

The voices remain and maybe they loop. They are as specific as they are vague and the synth seems to push up and against them whilst the beat continues on with its beating and pulsing.

A brief space as the synth seems to fade away into nothingness, but it comes back and it reaches out. The voices remain and the synth keeps on reaching, stretching to look for its new way to move forward, and its unease comes forward for a moment. It then carries certainty, but that certainty fades away, along with the beat, leaving fragments of conversation at the song’s end.

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