The Monsoon Bassoon: Wise Guy

This was written over one listen, but it was difficult to get a proper start. I had heard part of this song a few hours ago and it was the first time I heard The Monsoon Bassoon. There’s some pretty interesting stuff going on in the song and I don’t think I did a good job of capturing that. I think it’s clear in places where I’m struggling to keep up with the song, though I think the writing improved toward the end.

The Monsoon Bassoon’s “Wise Guy” is from I Dig Your Voodoo.

I hope you enjoy.

Words come forth on a pointed rhythm whilst guitar precisely strums out underneath.
Soon percussion and bass come in, as do more vocals. The rhythm and melody follows, but now it is expanded and richer, though still small in a sense.

Suddenly the guitar gets louder, as does the percussion and bass and a smooth groove rides out before the vocals return. The groove becomes slinky and slow and carries some prettiness before switching back to the original rhythm, though seemingly with a little tension.

Another sudden shift and there’s space and a sense of slowness; A sense of quiet before cycling between brief loud bursts and the quiet. Eventually the last burst leads to something new. Brass finds itself around a stop and start section with guitar moving about and it has a quirkiness to it. This soon becomes something a slight bit quieter though soon a loudness rises off of it, then more cycling. The music seems to build without building and it soon hits a loud section that carries angularity among its drive and bite.

Once more a sense of quiet. The instruments seem to play and slowly build before pulling away and decide to calmly groove, though there seems to be an energy that’s hiding behind. Soon that energy starts coming through and the instruments start picking up steam.

Once more they shift and woodwind and possibly bass play something cheerful. Sounds build and increase behind them, coming to the forefront, almost there, then suddenly pull away. Once more they build up and brass comes forward and screams and squeals, and the sounds become cacophonous and almost celebratory.

They seem to come into alignment, the brass and woodwind pull away and one final rhythmic blast before suddenly stopping, leaving a low note to loop and drag out as the song ends.



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