Salyu: Sailing Days

I think I was mostly trying to cover image here.
Not sure if I did a good job of it. Some of this feels forced, I think, though quite unintentional.

Salyu’s “Sailing Days” is from S(o)un(d)beams.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar plays a gentle tune whilst light percussive strikes lap against structures embedded into water. A high vocal sits somewhere above and seems distant and close. Gradually more percussion becomes obvious but the sounds remain gentle. The vocals also, but at times they go for more energy, and perhaps that is a longing to be traveling by wind along water.

Seemingly there is a letting go, or a thrust into motion and and more sound builds on the foundation. Much of it seems in the background and fills out space, but there is some at the forefront too. More vocals come in and create a depth over range, and the percussion continues to fill on out.

There is something that is longing and perhaps idealistic about this, but it feels realised. There is no sadness and the sounds continue to build into a calm rush. Suddenly there is a low gliding and some things stretch out and shimmer as they are passed on by. Voices stretch and blend with the atmosphere and seem soothed and excited, and all gradually fades away into a dream, leaving the guitar to play its last notes.

The sound of water lapping at the shoreline makes itself better known than earlier, and it stays present as the song ends.

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