Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1195: Cicadas, Libraries

So right now I’m working against another timer and that is the timer for when my breakfast will be ready. Trying to maximise my time and all and I haven’t put any sound on as of yet. Trying to also work past some slight blistering on my fingers but I can do it. I’m an adult; I can get past all of this. There are worse things out there, so… yeah.

Once more I’ve no idea as to what I’m gonna crap on about and perhaps that is what I should let be the way of things. I should just let it all flow out of my fingers and follow the things and maybe try and write about the presence of libraries and how we need to protect them but the sound of cicadas grows present and so that takes over all that is and all that will ever be in this moment of presence.

The sound is here and it is now and it exists as an eternal thing, but soon it drops away and moves off to a form of silence and therefore it no longer exists in a way that I am meant to perceive it due to it no longer existing in this particular space that is around me, or something.

That said, I think I need to think about the sound and why it starts and stops. I have a feeling it has to do with mating calls, but maybe it also has to do with predation. Harder to track prey when it is not making much noise and so maybe cicadas stop making the noise when they sense predators are in the area.

Maybe they stop as they need to rest for a moment, or maybe they stop due to finding a mate. Maybe they start due to finding a mate.

I know very little about cicadas and I know very little about libraries, but I think both are goo things for differing reasons. Cicadas as they function as part of a healthy ecosystem (depending on where they are, of course), and libraries as they provide some important services, and of course act as a large resource of literature.

Maybe these two things can grow in tandem and maybe we can create libraries full of cicadas, or at least have strong environmental support in the immediate area surrounding libraries and so therefore will have more cicadas, or something. Need the right plants and other stuff, of course.

Maybe we need to think about how we can integrate nature properly and effectively into the urban sprawl and make the urban sprawl look less developed. There is plenty of space for trees, among other things and so we should really start looking at better design.

There probably are a lot of things at which we should be looking but we don’t look at them so… yeah. But more trees would be a good start. Other than being nice, it would help make our living space healthier.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:23:19

I wrote this earlier today at the start of what turned out to be a rather intense work day.
I think I was hoping for something silly and parts of this are, but it also touches on an optimism for the urban environment.

Written at home.

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