Jun Fukamachi: Quark

I made an attempt on this last week and was too tired to get a good start on it and so I put it aside. Took me until a good few minutes ago to get to it again due to long days of work and other things getting in the way.

Anyway, this was over one listen and I did my best to write freely, so to speak, and I think it worked. I don’t know if this does a good job of capturing a sense of the song but I think the writing works well enough as it is… sort of.

Jun Fukamachi’s “Quark” is from Quark.

I hope you enjoy.

Rapidly something expands outward, growing almost overwhelming, rising and rising and surrounding all as it continues to expand, rising and rising until it suddenly stops.

Something new arrives and heralds an arrival. It is new and celebratory and jaunty. Keys beep and shimmer and soon disappear and it all relaxes and becomes cool, but not slinky. It beeps and stays smooth and almost sultry and soon it steps outside and calls and cries into the great beyond.

Keys strike specific moments and a tension comes in; it is sort of an edge and a bite and it seems like something is marching and approaching the rest of the sounds push themselves along. A moment of drama as voices underscore and drone on in a menace and it all stops whilst the voices continue on. It then continues and stops, and continues and stops and continues and the voices grow louder, as does a howling in the background.

Suddenly it all falls as one sharp sound and it falls over a vast landscape of nothingness. The menace has changed and some sort of static cracks over and around the sounds. It almost seems like some sort of deception and then a grand cosmic smallness plays out whilst more sounds seem to interweave and stay apart.

More sound descends and expands with new imagery and something shimmers above, and maybe this is all a moment stretched out across all. It could be regal as the sounds take on some regal form of sorts when they now seem distant and small. Regal and adventurous and jaunty. Soon something akin to an idea of percussion comes in and plays along whilst others change to keep rhythm and melody to allow some exploration and then it all snaps back to this jaunty regal procession.

Something closer to piano comes in and quite rapidly takes over and brings all back to something closer to home and closer to the heart. The keys glitter and keep the melody going and it seems so like it can be touched but the sound is out of reach, and it slows down and a brief breath is taken.

The keys play slower now, under the stars, under the cosmos and sounds appear hear and there as objects move above the sky, and maybe it is daytime but it could be night. The keys roll along; they are running through a field and they are moving beyond themselves and for a slight moment they ask a question and roll off and float away.

Something new arrives and heralds an arrival. It celebrates the grandness of it all and it sound rises underneath the jauntiness, and then it moves into a world of the cool, and it’s almost mysterious. It moves with a smoothness and gradually fades out before anything can be answered, and the song ends.

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