Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1200: A Few More Thoughts on Writing

I’m getting close to the end of a game and that means I will need to start writing about it, but I don’t want to. Well, I do want to but I don’t feel like it for a number of reasons. It’s a game that is known quite well and I don’t have anything I can offer that adds to the discussion surrounding said game, considering its age and all.

Actually that’s pretty much the only reason and it’s not necessarily the best reason to have to not desire to write about something that I am going to write about.

Anyway, with that said I need to make sure I choose my words carefully. Need to make sure that I am covering things about the game that are important and all that other stuff. More importantly, need to make sure that what I’m writing is coherent.

Sometimes I think about stuff I’ve written before and I wonder if it really was worth the time and effort, and the answer is that it likely was. There’s a growth in writing but you need to keep working to improve. Perhaps there is a growth in spinning a wheel off the ground, but it’s not quite the growth I want to go for; well, not all the time at least. Sometimes you need to go nowhere to go somewhere, but you need to know when to do so, or at least when to stop.

I’m not sure what is going to happen with this review. I know that I’ll be starting it tonight and finishing it tomorrow and that’s a good few hours of writing that I’ll need to sink into right there. It’s not so bad; it could be much worse.

Really it’ll be a little frustrating and get better as the day goes on and that’s fine. Writing is frustrating at times and still it provides a lot. It is an enjoyable art in which to engage in and that’s fine by me. It’s an art with a great deal of limitation and a great deal of freedom. Really, it’s much like most other arts and so I’m not sure as to what I’m saying here.

I was reading a book earlier today and it was a book about one of my influences when it comes to photography. When I was reading the book and looking over the works included in the book I thought about how I was taking some photos that, whilst nothing like those works (I didn’t know much, if any of the artist’s work when I started doing photography) were kind of similar in terms of exploration. I haven’t been a successful photographer and so I feel that maybe I should start experimenting a lot more, see what happens.

I think that perhaps this is something that I could apply to writing also, though maybe I already do and don’t realise. Then again, maybe I don’t and I also don’t realise.

Anyway, gotta finish that game soon.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:24:15

Just some thoughts about writing here. Nothing out of the ordinary, but relatively smooth.

Written at home.

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