Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1202: Get Down to Business

New year and all that.

Alright, time to get down to business. There’s a good deal of cleaning that needs doing and there isn’t much time. Too much spittle, not enough shine. Everyone was having a good time and then they left but they didn’t take their mes with them. Not good enough but there’s nothing that can be done about that now. The next set of guests are coming and they need the place clean, post-haste.

Too much work to do but there will be no corners cut. Need to get everything done. Need to pride ourselves on making sure that nothing but the best is presented and nothing but the best is what people get. We’re not operating on our best, we’re not operating. It’s nothing but the whole and that’s what we’re going to have our guests experience.

This place is going to be so clean that people will be able to slide and glide if they so choose. It’ll be so clean that it’ll be as though the place never had experienced others before. We’ll get it done. We need to get it done. It’s what we do.

We just need to make sure that they don’t leave a mess too. They’re gonna be here for a while and so we need to make sure they don’t treat this place like it’s a dumping ground. They need to show some respect back, but we can’t force them to. We’ll just gently nudge and persuade them into doing so.

The last set of guests left far too much behind. They didn’t care and it’s was quite unfortunate that we entertained them, if I am to be honest. However, that is neither here nor there. We can only hope that we never have to entertain those guests at any point in the future. If we are in a position where we may have to, we can try to redirect them elsewhere, but if that fails then we will worry about that then.

If those guests return whilst these new ones are here, then we shall do our best to force them away. We’ll also do our best to return their waste to them, assuming we haven’t already handled it, of course. It is theirs after all, and so they should be the ones to carry that burden. However,  until that time happens, we must do our best to cater to our guests that soon arrive, and we must ensure that they are looked after and that they do not add to the troubles that we’ll be left handling after they leave. We must cater to them and ensure that all is okay, we must do our best to maintain a tidy place. We will do our best, for if we don’t, then what? We don’t want people coming here and seeing a place that cannot be used; we want them to be able to use the place.

Let us hope that they’re more responsible than the last guests.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:59:61

This started as something that became about maintaining a place and then it became sloppy allegory. Not bad.

Written at home.


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