Spencer Nilsen: Title Screen

One listen for this one.
Had a couple of restarts early on, then kind of struggled my way through.
I think I was thinking too much about trying to write something that captured the song instead of letting the words come out and it shows a bit in places.

Spencer Nilsen’s “Title Screen” is from Ecco the Dolphin, the soundtrack for Ecco the Dolphin. To be more specific, the soundtrack is comprised of rerecorded tracks from the game.

I hope you enjoy.

An oscillation arrives. It is steadfast in its motion, even as another sound quickly passes through. Deep rumblings form underneath and for a moment the oscillation disappears. It comes back for a brief moment and disappears once more. The low sounds continue on with their slow moving and they grow in their prominence. Something above shines and seems to scatter, and comes back and scatters once more. The oscillation briefly returns before disappearing and something else descends.

The focus is now on that descending thing and far above the oscillation comes back in parts, far more distant than before. Percussive sounds sound out here and there, and eventually a pause. Things seem to stretch and appear here and there as glimpses and a new oscillation appears, lower than before. There’s a richness in this deep; it is subdued, but it is there through all the sombreness.

Soon the sounds resume their movement and they keep things low, but not for long. Something rises up and seems almost massive, though it is ambiguous. Something is reaching, reaching upward and spreading out and seeking, but before anything is revealed the sounds stop and the song ends.

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