Himuro Yoshiteru: The Gate

One listen for this one.
There was a restart early as I didn’t quite get into the swing of things. After that restart everything just seemed to just flow outward.

I feel this could’ve been more representative of the song. Not sure how. I also feel the writing is a bit loose. That said, I think the sense of imagery came through well.

Himuro Yoshiteru’s “The Gate” is from View From Bottom.

I hope you enjoy.

Something like voices stretches outward and disappears to give way for something thicker whilst a beeping continues on, seemingly marking the seconds. The voices come back and find new space for themselves whilst something sudden and harshly pretty comes in. This new element is loud and prominent, and perhaps cutting.

A brief revealing of some slight space and suddenly something intense in a different way comes in. Pulses as strikes mark points and sound presses into a moment only to keep spreading and rushing. Percussion keeps space and clarity and keeps on pressing everything down but it all keeps on rising.

Something else comes in and it, like much of the other sounds stretches out and stops after each strike, or at least changes at each strike, but eventually it resists and fades out, and when it does there’s another moment of lingering sound.

This moment returns with more percussion pulsating rapidly. It is as though brief moments are flashing on by in a space illuminated by darkness. There is a sheer clarity and all is expansive, but it is enclosed. There are many events here and this sees many lives, but there is isolation and perhaps quiet too.

Once more there’s a shift and the shift sees sound stretch away and stretch onward and continue in a single moment, and all grows silent and the song ends.

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