Eduard Artemyev: Solaris – Return…

At the moment I feel I’m on some sort of successful run… of some sort.
This was another one written over one listen and perhaps that was enough. I think I could’ve written quite a lot if I sat here for an hour or so and really dug into the song but this works as it is. It’s rough but I think I cover the song well.

Eduard Artemyev’s (Эдуард Артемьев) “Solaris – Return…” is part of the soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker (Сталкер). It appears as though the soundtrack (or at least part of it) has been featured as part of compilations more than on its own, such as on Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, a release combining pieces from the three films that form the compilation’s title.

I hope you enjoy.

Sounds curl around with a malaise and sadness. They dance and creep through a thin darkness and something akin to strings strikes forward, then pulls back. Sounds akin to voices echo through an empty hall, and more strikes occasionally move forward and pull back, and it’s almost as though conversation is going on.

Noise builds and it’s almost like a cacophony but it untangles and harmonises and wrenches out a sense of sadness, but it keeps on twisting and turning whilst the original two sounds continue onward. They continue onward and through other sounds that seem to turn into a mass that is unable to maintain shape, or perhaps it chooses its own shape but cannot settle.

That mass soon becomes sharp and pointed and seems to wash everything away before spreading out into a detailed nothingness. Voices and murmurs are left, and a brief pound appears. Various sounds rise from something, having their turn, throbbing and pulsing and scattering and seemingly reflecting what was before. Perhaps it is an understanding of all the prior events, or it is trying to regain distinction, but it is unable to and instead these intense moments rise and collapse.

Near the end the pounding seems as though it is going to rise and burst forth, but, unable to leave the nothingness it too disappears as the song ends.

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