Sonic Coaster Pop: Spiral Neo Wave

Three listens for this one.

The song is quite short and pleasant; at least, I think it’s pleasant.
It has this nice kind of 2000’s future feel that I admit I find appealing. Not sure why I find that future feel appealing, but I think it has to do with the sense of sleekness that comes through songs with that feel. It also sort of feels optimistic, but it’s kind of also cold in a way, depending on how much you want to read into it or how far you’d be willing to take ideas of that kind of sound, but I digress.

The song also reminds me of some of the music featured in Mega Man Battle Network. Similar kind of feel, I think.

Anyway, I felt compelled to stick to describing what was going on and I think that paid off. Not the best bit of writing I’ve done – it feels a bit dot point – but I covered song well.

Sonic Coaster Pop’s “Spiral Neo Wave” is from Super Miracle Circuit.

I hope you enjoy.

An awakening and something rises up in beeps and steps. Something else high seems to call out, then that rising descends. Some keys come in, a bit of space and then a beat establishes itself in beeps and flicks.

The keys repeatedly rise as though a set and a vast sense of the future spreads out. It’s shiny and smooth and sleek and cool. A low sound hums in the background of this new space. That earlier high sound returns a little lower and hums its own sound; another beeping appears. Vocals appear repeating a phrase but it’s difficult to make out.

The percussion stops and something descends, covering what was and moving it away. A keypad is pressed as the vocals continue their repetition. What sounds like a train station notice sound comes in as the covering seems to have things launch off it and a new voice is heard, but only very briefly as the song suddenly ends.

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