Gecko&Tokage Parade: Journey

This was done over one listen, but I had to pause a few times which wasn’t great. Hand stuff and slowing down a bit too much. Something just letting the song repeat would’ve solved. Oh well.

I feel what I wrote is a bit too wordy. I got a lot out but I feel I could’ve said the same thing with much less.

Gecko&Tokage Parade’s “Journey” is from Heart of Tokage.

I hope you enjoy.

There’s only a brief percussive opening before guitar roars and rages. Keys strike and ride whilst the bass flows on. The percussion remains steady and perhaps pushing and soon the sounds shift in their dynamic. There’s more a sense of urgency as space comes in and guitar rings out at points and the sounds keep a certain sense of pressure to justify that urgency.

It’s a low mood, though maybe it’s being read incorrectly and really there is no pressure or urgency; rather this is a space of melancholy and wonder. Whatever it is, it carries through as the guitar becomes more angular and focused for a few moments before it returns to a sense of quick scattering as it rings out.

Soon that guitar rises up whilst it rings and it seems to howl and crackle like a thunderstorm whilst the other instruments keep on driving forward underneath. It soon stops and all is back to alignment as the sense of journey spreads throughout.

A return to the start with just the bass retaining its original form. The guitar disappears and the percussion is low; the keys are minimal. Suddenly a shift to something escalating and it continues to rise up and once more the guitar roars and rages. A mass of energy is unleashed and something heavy spreads out, but within that heaviness is a light. All is lively and this is a turning point, and maybe it is this turning point where things come into focus. Maybe all that raging and roaring was actually a sense of calm and composure as the journey draws to an end.

The sounds keep on flowing forward unabated. They keep on driving with great vigour and suddenly it explodes, and little is left for a moment as the guitar keeps storming. Percussion strikes out one last time, as does bass and somewhere in there are the keys curling up with the guitar as it fades away as the song ends.

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