One Thousand Word Challenge 204: Lengthy Rental Saga

Sitting here, feeling the weight of expectation or something like that. Don’t know.

Bit of a dramatic start but bear with me.

So I got a bit of gardening work done today which is good. Gardening is always good when it’s done. Takes a bit of time but you get through it and all that stuff and then you’ve a healthier garden… depending on the work you;re doing, of course. Anyway, got through that which put cycling off for another day as I went longer than expected.

Now I’m sitting here waiting to hear back about whether our application for a new rental will go through or not and it’s being held back by our current real estate not providing a reference for us which is frustrating to say the least.

Alright, so I’m going to say this without revealing as much as I possibly can so my apologies for how what I’m about to write is going to read. I’m not sure how much I can say with specifics until after we move, and even then I’m going to be reluctant to say much.

My partner and I have some issues with our current real estate. We’ve had these issues for a few years now and they revolve around their complete ignoring of addressing needed repairs. As such the property is now in a state where it’s not safe for us to live here and so we need to move so they can do the necessary repairs.

To get to the above point took us applying to a body to organise a hearing. Once we booked that in things started happening.

Anyway, that happened, we went to mediation and we got the eviction notice soon after which led to us dropping our hearing application. The reason being is that the real estate was letting us know what was going on but something we objected to (on the ground of it not being justifiable considering the lack of addressing needed repairs) was no longer going ahead. So began the process of packing up everything and cleaning.

We’ve been looking at other places and have a third coming with us. Thus far most places haven’t quite panned out. There are more than a few being advertised with misinformation, and more than a few have a rent that far outstrip what they provide. It’s a bit of a fucked market, to say the least.

Anyway my partner inspected a place whilst I was down and out with food poisoning a couple of weekends ago and she was pretty chuffed about it, but I wasn’t too interested due to its location which was around twenty metres from a busy road. Noise is something I’d much rather not have, so we decided not to apply.

Come the weekend just past, whilst inspecting another place my partner was speaking to the real estate agent who ran the inspection for the prior-mentioned place. When she came home we talked about it a bit more, spoke to the person joining us and we decided to go for it. Realistically if the road noise is an issue I can buy some memory foam and some boards and make a small setup for when I’m recording.

We applied and my partner and I had to do it in a bit of an odd way as we hadn’t spoken to our current real estate about our applying yet as it was the weekend, so we had to put down someone we used to rent with. At the same time we emailed the real estate advising and asked if we could put them down.

There was no response and so close to midday I contacted our real estate and told them what was happening and asked if we could put them down for a reference. They said they’d get our agent to contact us back. At the same time we were requesting a copy of the tenancy ledger which they sent through.

On Monday afternoon the real estate for the place we’re applying for called me just to run through a few things. I explained what happened and told them I contacted the real estate again to get a copy of the ledger and confirm it was okay to use them as a reference. The person I was speaking to told me they’d draft up a copy of the lease and wait for the rest of the information to come through.

At the end of the day there was no response regarding providing a reference.

I called them on Tuesday and told them we need the reference so we can go ahead and they said it was fine and told me which emails to use so I sent those through to the agency of the new place. Since then there’s been no response.

At this point we’re a bit worried as it feels like our current real estate is dragging out the whole thing. I don’t know if that’s the case, but considering our experience thus far I don’t feel hopefully about giving the benefit of the doubt.

On top of that, our tenancy ledger makes it appear that we’re being evicted due to nonpayment of rent which is not the case.

So here we are in this situation of not knowing what is going on. We’re tired of the whole thing. We just want to rest. It has been multiple months of unnecessary stress almost as a constant and it’s not stopping. We’d much rather put all of this behind us and get on with our lives but at this point we might have to apply for a hearing again and request compensation due to ignoring requests to have issues addressed, as well as obstructing our attempt to move.

We know that it’ll soon be past us, but the longer this goes on the more difficult it becomes to hold onto that knowledge. Hanging in there is great and all, but we’re still going through this right now. It’s fucked.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 21:20:67

Slow but I’m not so fussed about the speed on this one.

I’m sure that if I ever look back at this I might feel embarrassed, but this whole thing has been consuming so much of my life. It was going to come out in this form of rambling sooner or later. May as well get it out of the way now.

Written at home.

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