P-Oiler: Compress Me

A few unfortunate restarts on this one. Had difficulty getting a grip with what was going on. Should’ve just gone for two listens but I didn’t.

I think what I wrote here captures the song really well, but not in a way that gets its energy across. There’s an idea of that energy, but not really a coverage of it, if that makes sense.

P-Oiler’s “Compress Me” is from Greatest Hits Vol. III.

I hope you enjoy.

A little light strumming beeps into quiet. A sudden burst of loudness before the light strumming comes in. The burst comes back and shows a rhythmic chug. A voice asks who the hell you are in a small space between, a little guitar seems to flicker off of it and the rhythm then fills all the space. It rises and mutes slightly whilst always sounding at maximum. Minimum, yet maximum.

It starts rising and then a lot of the loud falls away. It sort of yells and then leaves mostly bass and percussion to funk away with some other sounds here and there. This is a smooth moment of sorts and it has a bit of a bounce. More voice here and there and eventually guitar becomes more prominent as the bass becomes more aggressive. Percussion shifts and rolls over itself, and its back to rocking out.

Constriction and release go hand-in-hand as the sounds increase in their sense of loudness, but it’s much more controlled in feel than earlier. There’s a bite and grit but it retains a sense of smoothness until it returns to that early rhythmic chug.

Once more it stops and leaves mostly percussion and bass. Guitar is there, playing a little solo of sorts and keeping the funk alive and it all builds up again. The sounds of traffic, or at least an idea of traffic appear before it pulls back to the funk once more.

At least for a short moment and that traffic-like section returns and builds and once more the sounds unleash in their chug and punch forward and suddenly stop, leaving something more “ambient” and stretched to close things as the song ends.

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