My 22nd Birthday and Aaron’s 21st

Many moons ago, my 22nd birthday occurred with my friend’s 21st . Here is the story, as it is still fondly remembered by a few of my friends. I guess it might seem incredibly juvenile and/or stupid to many people and it probably is. Many who read this might find it boring as well, but it was one of the highlights of my life so far, being quite a defining moment in the bonds of friendship I have and I hope it is the same for the others that stuck it out with me to the end.

Early in the morning, I woke up to meet up with my friend Fabian in Liverpool.

When I arrived, he gave me a gift (Persona special edition). We then made our way to Bondi Junction for our food Mecca. At the time, we were consuming a fair bit of Oporto and had decided in advance to head out to Bondi to the original one on my birthday to both kick off the festivities as well as have some sort of spiritual taste experience. However, as my birthday approached, it became apparent that the Bondi one had closed, so we settled for Bondi Junction (we found out much later that there is still one in Bondi). It was good.

From there, Fabian and I went to Central station at around 1pm to meet up with three other friends (Jess, Rob and Kylie), so I could take them back to my place for a party I was having later that evening.
On the way home, we stopped at Burwood so they could get food. My housemate at the time happened to be in Burwood and being closer friends with Jess, Rob and Kylie, decided to hang out with them for a while, freeing Fabian and I from any further responsibility at that stage.

Fabian and I headed back home. Once we arrived, we started watching Zardoz. Part way through it, my friend Jose’ arrived at my place and joined us in the experience.

When it finished, Fabian, Jose’ and I got into a half-debate about what the film was about, lasting a lengthy period that included going to a Mcdonald’s to eat. Eventually, we decided that it was too open to interpretation, due to it being heavy on symbolism and being a train wreck whilst due to the budget being spent on drugs.

Jose’ headed back to my place after we finished eating, as my housemate was home by this stage with the others. Fabian and I made a quick stop at my mum’s place to grab a token gift (VB 6 pack) before heading back home to relax.

Shortly after, our friend Aaron arrived with one of his friends, Ashley.
We started drinking in my backyard as we now had a few people, although others had started earlier.
Aaron brought two cigars with him, one being for me. However, we held off as we thought it would be better to have them later in the night.

A bit further on into the evening, another friend of mine, Laura, made it to the party.
We tried jamming for a bit. Talked a lot. Had fun.

After sufficient drinking, Aaron and I had our Cubans. I have to admit, they did have a nice flavour. However, even though I was getting what I thought was plenty from it, Laura told me I needed to cut the cap off. She cut it off and gave the Cuban back to me, of which I resumed smoking. From there, I started feeling light headed. I stopped smoking it when there was a small bit left and gave it to Fabian. Shortly after (around midnight), I started to feel ill as I’m not used to cigars, so I went to lie down. I had a bucket near me as I did feel like throwing up as well. After a few minutes I fell asleep.

I woke up at around 2:30 A.M. Jose’, Laura and Ashley were leaving, so I said bye to them. My housemate, Jess and Rob had all gone to sleep. Fabian, Aaron and Kylie were still outside talking. Kylie went to sleep in my room shortly after (I had prepared space for her, Fabian and Aaron to sleep). I went to the toilet, then went back to lie down. Fabian and Aaron followed soon after.

Ten minutes later, out of the blue, Fabian said “Hey, I think my ass is showing”. No one could tell if it was or wasn’t as it was almost pitch black in my room. From there, we managed to get on the topic of sign language in the dark. We came up with our own film series, the first one called Signing in the Dark. There were others, like Signing in the Dark 8: Signing in the Dark, as well as Signing in the Dark 9: Signing in the Dark 2. There was also one that involved a blind person, to which Fabian responded, “But they’re not blind; they’re deaf.” He also asked me how a deaf person would sign without hands, to which I replied, stating that they’d use their stumps. Eventually, it was decided that they’d use their feet.

About an hour and a half later, after discussing our film series and Kylie hitting Aaron in the head many times (once including a bucket), Fabian said “Hey, I’ve just realised I have a beard”. This was somewhat surprising, as Fabian had a beard for a fair while before this sudden epiphany. He asked what we had to drink, to which I told him that we had water from the tap (We had other things but I was in the mood for lazy answers). Him, Aaron and I then traveled to the kitchen quietly as we had to pass through the living room (where Jess and Rob were asleep). When we got to the kitchen, we shut the door behind us. It was too dark to see anything, so Aaron and Fabian used their phones as lights. Then for no reason, the three of us had a kitchen rave for a few minutes. After doing so, instead of getting water, Fabian, Aaron and I headed back to my room. Before going in, I looked in my housemate’s room to see if she was awake or not. About 10 minutes before Fabian realising he had a beard, my housemate came into the room to ask us to be a bit quieter as she was trying to sleep. Anyway, when I went in to see if she still was awake, she wasn’t there. Because of our loudness, she went to go sleep in her car.

I asked if Aaron and Fabian wanted to go into my housemate’s room as we could be loud in there and not worry about waking others, as her room had a door and mine didn’t. We went in, switched on the light and realised there wasn’t enough room for the three of us at that moment. Then, Fabian came to another realisation, saying “Hey, I’ve just realised my pants are undone”. We decided to go to the MacDonald’s near my place for breakfast. We left my place at around 4:30 A.M to go there. I went in a bath robe and beanie, Aaron went with a bucket hat and Fabian went as himself.

We got there fairly quickly, ordered our food and sat down. Fabian asked “Hey, this might be a stupid question, but can you freeze salt water?”. Aaron and I, somewhat sleep-deprived at this stage started laughing. Fabian then went on to explain how you’d freeze the salt water, put it in a chicken, roast the chicken and then have salt on your chicken. He also explained that you’d do the same for chips. Aaron asked why you wouldn’t just put salt in a salt shaker and use that. Fabian advised us that doing that would be too complex. Aaron and I kept laughing whilst Fabian went into great detail about this. It was decided that the three of us would soon go to the beach with microscopes and use them to make sure we didn’t get sand in salt water we get to freeze. If anyone would ask us what we were doing, we would advise them that we were making sure there was no sand in our chicken.

Eventually, as the Sun started coming up, Fabian had to go home. We waited around at a bus stop near my place with him until the bus came to take him to Burwood station. Then Aaron and I headed back to my place and talked some more (until about 9 A.M). I went to bed after a bit and slept for an hour. Aaron tried sleeping after me. However, he was unable to.

We played Super Smash Bros. Brawl for a bit. Through this, we discovered possibly the most awesome anime name ever: Mega Bunny Light Fast.

It got around to 3pm, so Aaron and I started getting ready to go to the city for to celebrate Aaron’s st.
We left at 4pm. Once we got into the city (around 4:45 P.M), we headed to the City Hotel in the city (amazing, I know) to meet up with two of Aaron’s friends.

After about 2 hours, more of Aaron’s friends started showing up. We had some more drinks, then headed to Kelly’s in Newtown at around 10pm for more drinks. After a while Aaron said to Fabian, “I need to sit down”. Fabian advised him he already was.

Around 3:30am, Aaron, Fabian, Anthony (a friend of Aaron and I), Daniel (also a friend of Aaron and I) and I decided to go to Jose’s studio for a bit (as Jose’ worked in a huge studio at the time), as it was really close to where we were. After about ten minutes of being at Jose’s, Fabian and I decided to go back to the McDonald’s near my place as everyone was falling asleep but we were still functioning in some odd manner.

We got there a little bit after 4:20 A.M. Whilst we were in there ordering breakfast, there was this guy who was waiting for his meal, dancing around, totally out of it. It was truly a site to behold. We got our breakfast, then headed to my place and ate in the backyard, discussing the events of the night until one of our neighbours asked us to stop. Fabian and I started walking to the bus stop near my place. It was around 5:30 A.M at this point. We saw the dancing guy asleep near the bus stop as well. We checked the time for the next bus and it wasn’t for another 2 hours so Fabian decided to walk to Burwood station as it was only a 20 minute walk from my place. I walked part of the way with Fabian, talking more about life in general as we generally do after a fun night. Then we parted ways for the day.

When I came home, the many hours of being awake caught up with me, so I went to bed.

It was a good time and I’m glad it happened.

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