Ministry and Godflesh: Live at The Metro 27/02/2015

Godflesh were the better band but Ministry had the better mosh pit.

Godflesh played quite well.
Despite some minor technical difficulties and a strap breaking, they kept on going through their set with much enthusiasm and energy and it seemed that it rubbed off on a fair bit of the crowd as well.

Ministry played a very tight set but it was certainly not the most interesting it could’ve been. A fair bit of their performance seemed as though they were going through the motions.

Al Jourgensen clearly loves performing; there’s no denying that.
However, it would seem that his heart isn’t in Ministry any more.

That’s not to say the performance was sloppy; as said before, they played a very tight set. Everything was on the mark. The playing was rather impressive and Al gave an excellent vocal performance; especially for someone of his age.
They got a lot of the crowd moshing quite easily, although that may be the crowd wanting to believe in the band.
The spirit wasn’t there though.

This is part of the reason as to why Godflesh were better. They sounded passionate and rather intense; as though they wanted the music to be felt as much as it was heard. Their hearts were in Godflesh and it came through strongly.

Another reason is that Godflesh had a fuller sound with just two guys and programmed drums. Ministry sounded good but it took six people to produce as full a sound.

With that being said, Ministry coming on stage very shortly after Godflesh finished was very much appreciated and something more main acts should do.

Them closing their set with “So What” and the two song encore of “Kybler Pass” and “Enjoy the Quiet” was also apprciated, although personally I wished it ended with both parts of “End of Days” seeing as they had Burton C. Bell come out to add extra vocals to “Just One Fix”.

A major point of disappointment for me: the gig finished at eleven P.M. It may be due to Soundwave being on today, but there could have been at least an extra thirty minutes for the show that could have gone to Godflesh or even split evenly between both bands, as Godflesh deserved more time on stage and Ministry’s set seemed a bit on the short side as well.

With all of this being said, I am happy I saw Ministry. However, I did feel they were the weaker band and found Godflesh to be superior.

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