From Waterfall to Loftus

I started the walk a bit later in the day than I had originally planned. I can’t remember if this was due to just leaving late, or going to get breakfast beforehand, but either way, it is what happened and I’m okay with that.

Once I left Waterfall Station, I took a few photos, then began to make my way to where the actual walk started.

The first portion was a fire trail that was interesting to an extent.

There were some nice things to see and I was lucky enough to get a photo of a black cockatoo, so that made me happy. Other than that, it was like most other fire trails.

Eventually it ended in a clearing with a public access toilet.

I spent a few minutes doing not much other than looking around before I decided to use the toilet, followed by following the path that continued from my location that was there at the time.

After a few more minutes I could hear a waterfall, so I decided to find where it was coming from.

It was a steep descent but it wasn’t too difficult.

Once I reached the bottom, there was a stream. The waterfall was to the left of where I was standing.

I took the time to take a few photos and relax before heading back up and continuing on the walk.

I felt that I spent a bit too much time around the waterfall so I walked at a fast pace. However, it wasn’t long until I reached another location that attracted my attention.

As I followed the gradually ascending track, the plant life quickly reduced in density.
The view (and some of the track) began to open up and revealed beautiful valleys and hills.

I walked out to a ridge and took in the view for a while, making sure to take some photos.
Winds were strong, but it wasn’t too much of a deterrent.

Eventually I got back to walking, trying to go as fast as I could. I didn’t have too much time left before I had to reach my destination. There were a few quick stops to take a few more pictures though, as I was still enjoying the views quite a fair bit. At one point I could see the moon, so I took a few shots. There was dust showing up, but I got lucky in that it disappeared after a quick sensor clean.

Further along I came across a mower. Not being something that I expected to see, I took a few shots and continued along.

After a while, the path began to head down into a valley, leading to Audley Weir.
During this time I landed really hard on my bad foot, which lead to some fun for about a week.

Audley Weir was a wide open area on the Port Hacking River. It was nice and shady, but I did not have the time to stop there for much time, so I kept on walking.

Once I crossed two bridges, I checked how much time I had to reach my destination. It was about twenty minutes. Ahead of me was many steep sections on a track that was 1.2 kilometres long.

I powered through it and made it to the end with a few minutes to spare. Content with this, I successfully took a wrong turn. When I realised this, I hurried back and located the tram platform I was trying to reach so I could catch it to Loftus Train Station so I could get home.

The platform had grass on its surface. The cover that ran along the platform was old and had a few holes in it, but it was still functioning as intended.

I sat down on a bench and waited a few minutes, hoping it wouldn’t be too long a wait.

Getting reception, I checked the timetable for it so I could see how long I’d be waiting.

It wasn’t running on that day.

I got up and followed the tram track to Loftus.
Luckily enough the walk wasn’t too long.

As I was nearing the exit of the Royal National Park, I saw a toilet that had been smashed next to the tram track. One of my first thoughts was “Nobody shits that hard”. I took some pictures, then walked a bit further along. I turned back and took some more pictures, then went back to walking.

There was a fence to my right and some buildings beyond it. I found a hole and walked around them. They looked like they were being used by people, but some of them had been trashed.

Once I was done checking them out, I walked back to the smashed toilet and took more pictures.

It might not seem that amazing a thing to take pictures of, but I was starting to feel really tired and drained at this point and seeing it out of its natural habitat had left me perplexed.

Once I could no longer follow the tram track, I passed through some plants and followed a footpath the rest of the way to Loftus Station. There wasn’t a long wait before the train came.

It probably doesn’t read as being interesting, but it was a good day.

I got a bunch of nice shots and the walk was fairly satisfying.

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