One Thousand Word Challenge 166: Cold and Uncaring Office

The day draws out but I am not at home today. No, I have returned to the office.

I am not sure as to why I decided to go ahead. I knew that part of doing so was due to someone else coming into the office, but today it is just myself in the office and it is great. It is empty and I can focus on things and that focusing on things means I’m kind of getting things done. Perhaps if there were others around I would be getting distracted. I have to take that into consideration.

There are many things I have to take into consideration but right now I’ll just bang away on this keyboard and write the things and then when they are written I’ll go on home, though I won’t be going directly home as there are things I need to do and so on and so forth.

I;m in an odd space where I’ve some time to kill but I don’t quite know how to spend it. My hands are a little cold and it is making my writing slow down a lot, but I’m not complaining, or at least trying not to.

The office has been empty all day and, to be honest, it is a relief. I’ve already said that, but perhaps I feel it bears repeating for some reason. What that reason is, I cannot say, but I’m sure that in time the reason will come to me and explain why it has come to me in this particular moment of life where we all exist and dance around in circles and find ourselves bewildered and lost within the constraints of time and dimension that we may one day harness the power needed to break out of these constraints and thus ascend to some sort of other things that leads to other, other things and all that other stuff.

I think that perhaps I am overstaying my welcome at the present moment, but I’m feeling alright. I’m feeling fine about this bit of writing but I won’t later. However, that doesn’t really matter right now. What matters is warming my fingers to a point where I can then write properly and then once I’m there I can get back on with whatever it is that I need to get back on with. Or something.

My fingers are cold but once more I am trying not to complain. Really, it’s my fault that they lack the warmth that I desire them to hold onto, and of course I can remedy this rather quickly. However, I am yet to and perhaps that is the way that it will remain. Perhaps my fingers will remain cold for a long time, though how long is a long time is yet to be determined, so I don’t think I’ll spend much time dwelling on the issue if I am to be honest. Other things for which I must dwell upon and I will dwell upon them a bit later.

Maybe I will not dwell upon them and instead write this out, though that is what I’m doing and in doing that I am being active in some way and slowly my fingers will thaw and I will feel more warmth and motion return to them, which is something that I greatly desire as it means function increases and I certainly appreciate my luck in having that function available to me at many points in time.

Maybe I need to spend a bit more time thinking about how lucky I am to be alive and how lucky I am to be able to do the things that I do. This does not necessarily mean I think I should rest as there is plenty of fighting that needs to be done. you can be lucky and appreciative and refuse to let things slide backwards; not just for yourself, but for others too. Especially for others, for we need to support people how we can and where we can. Society can be better and stronger if we support each other. However, I digress and not enough people want to hear that kind of stuff, so I’ll save it for another time.

I’ll write with ore rage later, as for now I don’t have it in me. I’m sitting here and it’s a little cold and I’m banging away on a keyboard I need to drag home shortly. There are things that I’ll need to take care of before then,. but for now I write this. I think about how I have all of this space and have spent the day left alone, and I think about how I want to see society become better and more accepting. I think about how I feel like I should be angry right now, but do not have much, if any anger in me. Such is life on the odd occasion.

The sounds of the air conditioning machines drone away and it feels the space with a sound, but that sound bleeds into silence and it becomes imperceptible at the best of times. The lights are cold and harsh, though not obviously so. They are insidious.

The space does not feel sterile, yet in some manner it is and in that manner it becomes apparent just how much a cold and uncaring office needs people who you get along with in order to tolerate being there. It’s something I already know, but haven’t thought about for a while, probably due to my desire to not be in the office and my preference to work from home as the job I do can easily be done at home. Oh well.

It is getting late and I need to wrap this up. I need to pack up and do other things and then head off. There are things to do and all of that other stuff I say I need to do. Therefore, I think this bit of writing will end somewhere around this word.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 12:47:82

This was written a little earlier today whilst I was still in the office.
I went there for reasons and the place was empty which was awesome for me.

Anyway, I feel I lost a bit of focus whilst writing this and as such this is uneven and a little disjointed.

Written at work.

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  1. Rajiv says:

    You wrote from the heart


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