Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1040: Feeling the Waves

Feeling the waves wash over them was a pleasant feeling. It was much needed. The day was grey and dull and the light dull and dreary, and it was recommended to not go to the beach, but still, this was something they felt was needed. It was something they craved.

It had been far too long since they had last immersed themselves in the ocean and no amount of rain risking spread of sewage from the distant outfall was going to stop them from embracing that which they had missed for so long. It had been a long period of time and many things surrounding the events of life had prevented them from getting anywhere that could be considered close, let alone within the ocean. The month prior had been particularly trying, with greats amount of pressure, fear and stress mounting upon their backs, threatening to crush and snap them. However, they persisted and they pushed onward.

It seemed like they had no choice, that they had to keep on going regardless of what could or could not happen. Of course there was a desire to break free of an unhealthy situation and to find some sense of the idea of normal, but often in a short period of time that seemed like a dream far away as though it was something that could not be obtained. However, in the end it was and so their persistence paid off. That said, they had felt flat.

Relief came at a cost and there was no real sense of emotion. All was on a level thing and there was just a great big nothing. There was no desire to do anything and there was no joy found in much. It was almost as though they had lost some of themselves and were hoping that it would return, though the hope too seemed more like something to cling onto than to actually hold any substance. It kept them going for just long enough, but that too seemed to wane with time.

One morning before dawn they found themselves awake and alert. There had been a lack of sleep, but they did not feel tired. However, they did feel compelled. They felt a strong desire, an urging within themselves to get up and leave their place of residence, and so they did, after getting ready of course.

They hopped onto the first bus of the morning that would take them there. Traffic was low and so the journey was quick, and it took them to their destination with ease.

They hopped off the bus as the dawn began and walked over to the sand. Off came their shoes and they could feel it, soft and raked, and cold. They continued walking and, as soon as they felt it was the right place to, dropped all their stuff and ran toward the ocean.

They dived in and felt the waves wash over them. It was a pleasant feeling. It provided the relief they had desired.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:15:66

Slow and not what I had hoped would come out. I had hoped I’d be able to whip up something stronger, but alas, it was not to be.

Written at home.



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