One Thousand Word Challenge 15: I don’t Understand

I don’t understand many things.
A lot of that comes with experience.
Whilst I’d like to believe that what I do understand, I understand well and have a fairly strong grasp of knowledge surrounding that understanding of the things I understand, there’s still a lot that I don’t and, whilst I will hopefully be able to learn and understand more as I get older, I find it humbling to know that, no matter how much I learn, I will always know very little as there are always new things to learn and know and I am a small person in a large universe.

With that being said, I don’t think I’ll ever understand why some people seem to want to obsess with the past.
Could it be due to a desire to not let go of what has already been and may not ever be again?
Is it due to having the idea of something so firmly drilled into their head that they cannot get past it, preventing them from discovering other things?

What if bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd are good not because they actually have artistic merit, but because the idea of them being good as been so firmly beaten into people as they’re growing up that they cannot grasp with anything to the contrary?

I’m not a big fan of these bands by any measure.
For me, The Beatles were a band that I listened to when I was a kid/young teenager and I kind of grew out of them. I still listen to a song or two on occasion, but beyond that, I don’t think much of them. I think they’re alright, but there’s not much else I think when it comes to said band.

I don’t understand as to why people have expressed surprise at my view of this. Different people listen to different things.

I find it almost as difficult to understand as the act of someone writing a whole lot of crap in the form of some sort of “challenge” series and putting it out into the unholy abyss that is known as the Internet, expecting that someone will read it and find some sort of amazing brilliance in these gems of sub-par writing that somehow are allowed to exist in some form that cannot be entirely explained beyond “someone writes a lot of sub-par crap”.

Now that is something that I find incredibly difficult to understand. I mean, who the hell would thing that doing such a thing would be a good idea? It’s not interesting. it’s absolutely terrible. It’s confusing, bewildering, and confusing and I cannot wrap my head or thoughts around the very concept of doing such a thing.

Could it be for some sort of validation of self-worth that won’t lead to any actual validation because the only thing that can validate the self-worth of someone is themselves? Could it actually be that they’re trying to construct some sort of complex form of literature that will span many different interweaving sections that may eventually reveal themselves as being some sort of amazing text that will somehow redefine how things are read, as well as how things are written, in the hopes to reveal that the old methods need to be changed because they have been stagnant for far too long, thus inhibiting our ability to become better writers that are far beyond the standards that had been set so long ago so that the classics remain the few classics that there are, thus preventing the collection of classics from growing into something far greater and more note-worthy than it already happens to be at this point in time?

Could it be that the person is some sort of person who thinks that doing such a thing will improve their ability to write, especially when it comes to stream-of-conscious writing so that they can have something here that will capture people and give them something to read that they may enjoy, no matter of bad (or good) the things that they write turn out to be?

As much as I’d like to believe that these are the case, they all seem highly unlikely to me and I doubt that the reason is something that I will ever be able to ever know, leaving me to continually puzzle over what the true reason could be.

It remains the same for my not understanding as to why some people seem to want to live in the past.
Some almost seem to fetishize the idea in their minds, seemingly forgetting that there’s been a lot of progress made since. Whilst I do think that it is important to remember what has come before us and appreciate that once things seemed simpler, one needs to remember that remaining there and ignoring a lot of the things that can be seen as really bad only leads to stagnation, as it’s progress that allows us to continue forward.

Ignoring certain careers that require it, staying willingly stuck in the past only inhibits the ability to grow.

Not entirely related, but I feel that I should mention this as it does have a little bit to do with why I’m writing this right now:

Yesterday, whilst at my new job, I heard some strong talk about how good The Simpsons was.

I found myself feeling quite indifferent to the talk about it because I’ve had my time with it and I’m done. It had its time and place and, whilst a few of the things that have been seen in the show could be seen as still being relevant, I feel that it’s time to move on and away from it and find something else to endlessly love.

I’m probably being a bit harsh in saying that, but that’s how I feel.

Maybe I’m being a bit cynical, but I feel that too many people want to live in the past and I don’t understand as to why.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 21:22:22

So I wasn’t expecting this to be as long as it is and I think it’s a bit long-winded and probably makes the point I was trying to make a bit too much.

Oh well.

Written at home.

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