Luna Park Noise Issues

I’ll try to keep the details of this one brief before I go on a bit of a tangent.

Luna Park in Sydney had a ruling against them regarding installing a new ride that would be part of a family-oriented zone that was (or is) to appeal to families with young children.

The ruling has the proviso that when the Luna Park organisation wants to build or move a new ride, they need to put forward a development proposal which means that noise concerns must be taken into consideration.

I don’t necessarily disagree with this as when a development occurs, noise levels do need to be addressed. What bothers me with this is that it opens Luna Park to noise complaints that could lead to lengthy battles and fines due to residents complaining.

Likely it wouldn’t be existing residents, but new ones who would move into the area and start complaining about any perceivable noise. Residents who decide that the best thing to do is move into an area without doing their research, then complaining about an existing venue because despite their failings, it’s not their fault and they’ve deigned to put up with an establishment that may make a level of noise that said residents may deem unacceptable, therefore it is their civic duty to complain and do their best to make sure the venue reaps the consequences of its lack of responsibility. If it closes down, that is unfortunate, but at least the new residents did the right thing.

I’m probably expecting the worst out of this, but far too often Sydney has seen a bunch of people move into an area with long-established venues and make noise complaints which eventually leads to the closure of the venues. You want to move into an area that doesn’t have these things, then do your research and move to an area that doesn’t have these things.

I don’t understand this mentality. I don’t understand as to why people would move into an area with an longstanding establishments and decide it would be a good idea to do their to get the establishments to bend. The only thing that I can come up with is that there are some people out there who think that the best course of action to take is to stroke their own seriously oversized sense of entitlement.

Some people will get angry and do little, some will say “We’ve got it better than most places”, and this laissez-faire attitude is part of the problem.
Sometimes it is overridden, but often it is not.

The more often we go “I’m angry, but oh well”, the more we lose stuff that has helped to give Sydney an identity. The more we say “We’ve got it better than most places”, the more we let things that matter get removed. These stances are unacceptable. There is significant room for improvement and letting things go by the wayside by covering our ears and eyes and screaming is the wrong way to go about things.

Change is inevitable, but there is no reason as to why we should see venues of all sorts closed down because people who didn’t do their research or cared enough to accept something that likely has a positive impact has been around in an area for a significantly longer period of time than they have were given a voice to complain about noise levels. Noise levels which apparently didn’t bother long time residents enough for them to care about.

I’m probably overreacting to this, but there’s no reason as to why anyone should consider this kind of crap acceptable on any level.

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