City and Colour: If I Should go Before You

Another Cool Try review.

Not sure about how I feel this one.

I think I was finding how I write reviews, but I don’t feel that the review says enough.

Oh well.

I’ve made two edits for sharing here:

One involved spacing in the first paragraph.
The other was fixing a misspelled word.

I hope you enjoy.


Dallas Green has managed to establish himself with two separate bands.
However, it is interesting that both Alexisonfire and City and Colour sound as though they’re worlds apart. Whilst Alexisonfire seem to be getting back into gear, If I Should Go Before You indicates that City and Colour are still chugging along.

Much of the album blends folk, country and rock together quite smoothly.
Everyone works together as a unit and there’s an element of playfulness in the tunes.
It sounds as like the band are enjoying playing with each other quite a lot, which goes a long way as the songs are more confidently played.

There’s an upbeat feel that runs through most of the tracks.
Despite what seems to be fairly serious subject matter (much of the lyrics seem to be giving an adult look at problems that can arise in relationships), much of the music sounds quite poppy which keeps the mood light.

With that being said, the opener, “Woman”, feels much darker than the rest of the album.
It’s quite brooding and terse, having a bleak atmosphere coming from effective use of reverb and ambient sounds.

It also happens to be the longest song on the album.

However, it doesn’t feel any longer than other songs on the album and manages to not feel out of place.

Dallas Green puts in a solid vocal performance.
There are times when he sounds quite cute.
This isn’t a bad thing.
He doesn’t sound out of place and never sounds overly-emotive.
This works in favour of the songs as if he had sung in a gruff manner, despite what some of the songs would suggest, it would have taken away from their strength.

If I Should Go Before You is a strong album.
The tracks are well-written and performed by a band that clearly work well together.
It’s hard to say if it is the best album from City and Colour, but it certainly is a fine addition to the name.

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