Nearly Oratorio: Tin Review

Another review from Cool Try.

This one took a while to write and I’m not sure why.
I think in part it was procrastination.

I think is review is one of the better ones I wrote at the time, but I also think that it could be much, much better.

Oh well.

I’ve left grammatical errors in as I think that in this case it’s more important and honest for how I was writing.

I did fix a spelling mistake.

I hope you enjoy.


Nearly Oratorio has released an E.P. called Tin.
Here’s a review of it.

The gentle piano sounds of “I Would Not” open Tin in a relaxing way.
Not long after, layered and warped-sounding vocals come in, floating somewhere around the piano, but never pushing it aside.

What follows is a collection of instruments and various sounds moulded into songs.

The songs are tender and relaxed, seemingly moving by in a slow, daydream-like state, driven by subdued, muted sounds that feel as though they were added together without any particular intent, yet not sounding awkward or out of place.

Despite the penultimate track, “Occlude”, a more energetic affair than the rest of the E.P., being followed by “Devonport”, a melancholic piano-driven closer, the tracks follow a logical progression and flow well.

The vocals seem to be more about the sound of them rather than the clarity.
That’s not to say that they cannot be understood; there are moments when they can. However, more often-than-not, they feel much more like a sound helping to add to the form of the music rather than their own distinct thing, making sounds that represent a vague idea of what words sound like rather than words themselves, leading to the music feel more instrumental than it is.

Tin is a quiet and relaxed E.P.
It’s not going to set the world on fire, but it’s worth giving at least a few listens.

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