Five-Hundred Word Challenge 886: Become Part of the Bed

Feeling weak but warming up. It is still the yawning of the earth and everything is getting ready to complete some sort of function for the day.

I’ve been awake long enough to be alert, but I’m just starting now. It is an improvement, though of course it will taper off in roughly seven minutes. That’s fine. At least I’m doing something now and not in seven minutes’ time.

That being said, there will be plenty of relaxation today. There always needs to be as I’m one who likes to relax and therefore I might just lie on the bed until I become part of it and continue my life as some sort of combination of bed and person.

Half-bed, half-person, all elsewhere.

That would be the optimal way to be, though I wouldn’t like it all the time, or even most of the time now that I think about it. How would I get around? I’d need people to carry me places. Sure, I’d be lying down most of the time, but the ceiling (and sometimes the interior of the roof of a truck) would get mighty boring after a while. Sure, I could try and be upright and go outside, but what if I fall over? What if I’d have to wait to be picked up, thus having to deal with the pain and indignity of facing downward for a long time and not seeing much due to also having my face touching the ground and being a big person and bed hybrid, thus creating a bit of shadow around the area that I’d be facing and, due to the proximity of face to ground, not really being able to see anything at all?

I clearly have not thought this out. I really should have spent a bit more time thinking about the consequences of this. I guess there will be no becoming one with the bed today and instead I’ll sit here and work on things and get them out of the way. There will be occasional standing, of course, as I don’t want to be seated all day if I can avoid being seated. Worse things to happen out there, but this still remains something I can avoid so long as I remain diligent and keep on pushing on through it all and get on track with some other things and go for a walk and all of that other stuff that I need to (and should) do.

There will be no combining with the bed today. This is something that shall be put off and I shall look at doing it another day, unless I don’t, in which case I won’t, but still. I will work to avoid it and make sure that it does not happen. No changing of the minds and all that stuff. No going back. I don’t want to live my life as part of a bed as it doesn’t seem too great.

Maybe I could combine with my chair instead.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:23:07

This was kind of fun to think about.
Not sure if it makes for good reading.

Written at home.

About Stupidity Hole

I'm some guy that does stuff. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I do more than I probably should. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out. I also co-run Culture Eater, an online zine for covering the arts among other things. We're on Patreon!
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