One Thousand Word Challenge 34: First Cycle of 2020 Replete With Rambling

Once more I found myself taking to the power of peddling and rode my bike most of the way to work on one particular day last week. It had been a while longer than I wanted, but last year was filled with more pressure than I’d have liked and some things went out the window, such as the mode of transport that I’m able to easily engage in which ends up saving me a bit of money whilst also giving me a bit of exercise, but that’s the way things go on the odd occasion.

I probably should have engaged in much more cycling last year regardless of the circumstances. Probably would’ve relieved a fair amount of the pressure, but I didn’t. It’s now in the past. I’m here in the present. I’ll survive. For now, anyway.

So I took to the iron steed and found myself lacking much more in the fitness department than I had hoped, but it was a good cycle. Kind of. I spent a lot of the ride thinking about things and now that I’m currently faced with the opportunity to cycle once more, I find myself hesitant to do so. Partly due to being sore, partly due to lack of sleep and partly due to laziness.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so lazy right now, but I can always cycle tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. Preferably tomorrow, I guess. Right now it’s lazy time, though to be fair it does afford me the opportunity to spend a little bit more time reading and reading is what I want to do quite soon.

Anyway, this is not about how I feel right now. Today I am going to try and right about that cycle that I did last week; or, at least attempt to write about said cycle. Not sure as to how interesting I can make it, but I will try.

I went on a cycle that took me along The Cooks River and slowly made my way to Tempe Station. It was actually a little bit faster than slow, but it was slow enough due to tiring out pretty quickly due to not having cycle in a while.


I didn’t tire out too fast. I was still doing alright by the time I reached the station. I actually did alright considering it had been more than a few months since the last cycle on which I had gone on, but I cannot deny that I had dropped in my fitness level that certainly made the ride more tiring than I had hoped.

That is to say that I did well enough and am probably overthinking the whole thing.

The Cooks River is an easy thing to cycle alongside as most of the gradients aren’t too steep; the ones that could be considered steep are only in relative to what else is along the river. Now that I think about it, maybe they are steep in general, but they’re also short so they’re not too bad.

Other than that, it’s a fairly flat ride. Unlike when I was working in St Leonards and cycling there, The Cooks River track is easy to glide and speed along when there are few people around. I guess in this case there are also few cars around as the path is mostly pedestrian and cycle traffic. There are times when you do have to cross a road, but those are easy enough.

What else is there that I can say about the cycle? I’m trying to think about this, but I’m struggling a little more than I anticipated.

I can talk about how I miss having panniers.

I still do have panniers, but without a functioning rack to put them on, they aren’t usable in the way that I would like to use them. They certainly would’ve come in handy for this particular ride.

Seeing as I was heading to work I had to pack a bit more which was fine. However, as it had been a while since I’d last carried that much weight on my back, I felt it a lot more. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences. It served as a reminder that, as soon as I’m once more earning enough to not be concerned about eating, I should probably buy a new bike rack for the panniers I have.

They did quite a lot when it came to shifting the weight off my back (naturally) without impacting my ability to cycle at what I felt was a reasonable speed too much. It probably also did a lot when it came to reducing the potential for future back injury. Not entirely sure on that one. Only time will tell.

With that all being said, it was worthwhile to get back on the bike. I think I’ve said this before; There’s a certain kind of freedom that cycling offers. When you get into a groove of regular cycling, it feels great. It can feel graceful and empowering. I strongly believe that if someone has the ability to cycle regularly, or at least learn how to followed by regular cycling, then they should. Of course there are some great benefits when it comes to health and strain on the wallet.

However, I think that the greatest reason to cycle is just how it can offer a lot of scenery and adventure in a way that other vehicles might not.

Well, I think I’ve said all that I can think of to say at this point. In conclusion, there should be more riding of the bikes. They’re great little vehicles that are probably more complex than they seem. Perhaps the best way to describe them would be as deceptively simple. Really not sure right now.

Perhaps they could be described as vehicles.

So yeah. The Ride along The Cooks River was fun. It reminded me I need to do more cycling, but today will not be a day featuring riding my bike.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 20:41:66

Whilst writing this there was a point where I felt as though I was going to get this finished really quickly. Apparently I was wrong.

I think it shows that I struggled. Still, I’m satisfied with what I wrote. Probably could’ve used less words, but I think I got across what I wanted to get across.

I’m still trying to get to a point where I’m doing one thousand words more frequently. Hopefully this year will see more writings of that length.

Written at home.

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