Wild Honey: Wild Honey Review

Another review from the Cool Try days.

This one is too short. I touched on things I wanted to, but those things needed significant expanding upon. Once more this is a review that reads far too much like dot points.

Admittedly that kind of format isn’t necessarily bad, but here it is as I think it’s clear that I was trying to present this as something more fully formed.

I can’t remember what this release sounds like, but I can remember that, outside of one song I found the EP to be weak.

Maybe I should listen to it again sometime down the track.

This one is as it was.

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Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Wild Honey are a band recently formed by Thom Moore of Mercy Arms.
Here’s their first release, Wild Honey.

The songs presented here sound like they are influenced by surf music, psychedelia, and pop.
The aim seems to have been to invoke images of being on beaches, or driving whilst a summer breeze blows around you.
It’s safe to say they’ve achieved this.

All of it is quite happy, relaxed and fun, and would work both as background music and something being listened to more actively.

With all this being said, these songs aren’t strong.
They don’t feel as though much thought or interest were put into them, coming off as soulless and uninspired rather than solid and memorable.
The airy, laid-back vocals work, but they don’t sound as confident as they should be, adding very little to the songs.

Overall, Wild Honey by Wild Honey is a nice, fun selection of songs.
It’s difficult to say much else about it though.
There’s nothing wrong with a bit of summer music, but it should less weak than this.
However, as a debut, it does show potential and indicates that the next release could be better.

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