One Thousand Word Challenge 46: Climbing a Tree

So there’s a bit of a blockage in my ear, but I’ll deal with that later. Besides which, maybe it’ll sprout and grow into something that I can use. Perhaps a tree, or something.

I don’t think I’d much like a tree growing out of my ear though. It could get a bit weighty and I don’t want a weight imbalance between my ears. I prefer them to be balanced well, if that makes sense, which I’m sure it does, or something.

Anyway, if a tree did sprout, maybe it would attract some birds and they’d build a nest that would be protected by the leaves of the tree growing from my ear. Maybe the tree would get quite big, so I’d have to remove it before it did, lest I have the balance issues. May be then the tree would grow even faster and larger due to it having more space to grow.

The tree might get so massive as to be able to climb it for a long time and not reach the top. If that was the case, then I surely would have no choice but to approach its branches and climb it and see where it would lead. I guess it would lead in the upward direction, but of course I would still have to try and discover that for myself, so I guess that as soon as I was ready I would start working on climbing the tree… so long as it was no longer in my ear, of course, which I guess it wouldn’t be as it wouldn’t have been able to get so big.

The other possibility is that it got so big that it forced me to remain on the ground, then grew around me and grew massive that way, then eventually I would be able to detach from the tree and then go for an exploring. Either way, there would be the climbing of the tree.

So up an into the branches I would go. They would be thicker closer to the base as they’d have had a long time to grow… well, comparatively long. The tree grew fast to get to its size, or something. I don’t know. Anyway, it would be an easier climb near the base as I’d have more energy for it and the branches would be thicker, thus enabling a bit of an ease when it comes to climbing. There would be all sorts of fauna and even some flora that would be among the branches and appreciating the shade. There would be sounds you don’t always get to hear in suburbia.

It would be dark, though there would also be pockets of light pouring through some of the leaves. It would be nice and relaxed, yet adventurous, I think. Not entirely sure.

I’d be climbing for a while. I’d be going up and weaving through the branches and as I’d go up I’d see more of the outside world. Some parts would thin out, though eventually they too would have more shading so as to protect the trunk of the tree. The trunk itself would be massive. It would be wider than any other tree I’ve seen or known of and as such it would take a while to get around; especially if climbing at the same time, but generally the way to climb this tree would be to spiral around it as you’d be moving upward, so I’d be able to see all sides of it at some point, as would you if you were to climb this tree.

After a while I’d find a point where I’d be able to look down at the ground’s surface by poking my head through an open gap and it would be somewhat-safe, and the ground would appear to be quite small and at the same time quite massive, but I would not be too far up the tree even if I was far above the ground, so I’d have to keep on going.

At this point the branches would probably be thinning out a little and getting noticeably smaller, so the climb might be both easier and more difficult. I’d need to be more careful.

There would be less fauna and less other types of flora. The air would be thinning a little bit, but I’d have to keep on going. Of course I wouldn’t have thought of the journey down as of yet, which would be a fault of my own for being too preoccupied with going up, so the only way I’d have to get down is by carefully moving, but at this point that would be something I would not be considering.

Eventually I’d hit a state where I would not be able to keep on going. I was past the point of safely climbing. This was now the point where it just wasn’t possible for a person to keep going due to how thin the branches were getting. I’d poke my head out again and look down. Of course things appear smaller, though the land more massive. I’d look up and the top of the tree is yet to be visible.

I’d sit there for a while and then think about how to get down. I’d think about the journey up and think about the different layers of the tree and how it seemed to house different forms of flora an fauna depending on what they could and could not tolerate. I’d think about the vastness of this tree and the insignificance of myself, then remember that I have as fear of heights and start slowly working my way down. As much as I’d like to go fast, I’d rather get down in once piece rather than more than one, so slow is the speed I’d have to go.

It would be a long time to get down, but down is where I’d eventually get.

Once there I guess I’d have to go home, but at least my ear would be unblocked.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 14:45:34

I think I should have worked more on description of what was inside the tree rather than the personal experience of climbing it.

I’m happy my ear blockage was able to inspire this story.

Written at home.

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