Five-Hundred Word Challenge 680: Process of Planning

Alright, so now that I’m here and you are there, we can get on with whatever this is meant to be, though I guess really what needs to happen first is the deciding on the shape and form of whatever it is that we are meant to be getting on with, but of course once that is done we can get right into it.

Once that is out of the way, we lay it down and place it all everywhere – wherever it is meant to fall of course – but then there isn’t much of an idea of what to do next. It all seems to be so up in the air and there is difficulty in deciding what decisions need to be decided upon, which of course causes its own problems. Therefore we need to lay out an action plan in order to plan for the things that can be planned for. Once that is done we also need to create an action plan for all the things that cannot be planned for, so that all of our bases are covered. Once that is done, perhaps then we can get to the task of doing the actions that will lead to a conclusion.

Then again, who should tackle each action plan? Perhaps you on the latter and myself on the former? What about myself on the former and you on the latter? What about working in conjunction on the same one, then combining our plans into one plan for each action plan so that all the angles are covered, unless one of us manages to cover the whole of each thing that needs to be covered with a sense of grace and efficiency that means that there are no other things for that plan of action that need to be considered?

Whichever way we go, once those are covered we can then decide on the shape and form of the thing and then carry on from there. But then again, in what way is it that we need to step forward in order to see the completion of the thing, whatever the thing might just so happen to be on this very fine day of days?

Would there need to be proactive action, or would there need to be non-proactive action? How much time needs to be spent on construction, assuming any time needs to be spent on constructing at all? When I refer to this form of time, I mean as in a physical object, for the whole process is a form of construction. If we end up with a physical object then we need to spend time physically building the thing rather than just summoning it in our thoughts.

Is there even an object? There certainly is an objective, but perhaps the object isn’t actually there at all and instead we need to worry about the form and completion after it is formed and completed, rather than before the conclusion.

Even so, is this even worth the time?

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:23:28

A bit messy, but I’m happy with the result.
This kind of functioned as a brief breather before I get back into doing more review writing and other things I need to get done today.

Written at home.

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