Five-Hundred Word Challenge 695: Ear and Fever

It’s an interesting time to be alive right now, but then again, it always is an interesting time to be alive, depending on how interesting you find certain things. That may not be the best opening sentence I’ve ever written, but it feels like the best opening sentence I can come up with.

So today I’m going to have a small whinge, though it may not turn out that way. We’ll see what happens.

Alright, so my ear thing was cleared up last week. Did the medication thing for a week after a doctor’s visit tried to flush out what looked like an obstruction and that failed. It was black and had some sort of fungus growing on it. Got rid of the fungus but the black thing remained, hence the meds for a week. Then went back last week to flush out the black thing, which did end up dislodging. It was a broken bit of earplug foam. Whole lot of wax came out with it. Also left me feeling a little dizzy and ill for a short period after. Dizziness subsided pretty quickly, though illness took a few more hours to pass.

I was put on a course of antibiotics for a week as the membrane in my ear was dull in appearance. Fun stuff, but if it helps, then it helps.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling rough. It took me longer than usual to wake up, though I had stayed up late the night prior. Soon what felt like a fever in my forehead made itself apparent. I improved over the day, but the fever kept coming and going.

Eventually when it got to the evening I checked the leaflet for the antibiotics and rechecked the possible side effects. I’d checked them a few days prior but didn’t pay much attention.

One of the side effects is a fever.

Today is the second day I’ve had this on-and-off fever as well as the last day I need to take the antibiotics. I’ve been feeling a little ill in other ways but otherwise feel pretty fine. No weakness, no slowing down and still quite mobile. I’m feeling rather certain that right now all this is is a side effect and it’s not getting worse, but it’s not the best time to be dealing with this.

Admittedly it’s very little to deal with. There are significantly worse things out there that I could be going through, but I am feeling a little bit concerned. Right now I’m just waiting it out and seeing what happens. Once the antibiotics are wrapped up, this could easily go away. However, if it does get worse then I’m heading to a medical centre. Not worth the risk, though right now it’s a bit of a risk just sitting here and waiting it out. I think that sentence makes sense.

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten across what I wanted to say. A bit worried, but confident I’ll come out of this feeling fine.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 12:42:92

So dealing with this isn’t fun, but there are people going through much worse. Hopefully those that are come out of what they are dealing with as best as possible.

Took a bit longer as I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was writing. It’s the most unambiguously personal thing I’ve written in a long time. Some of it is okay, some could’ve been better. Oh well.

Written at home.


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