Five-Hundred Word Challenge 699: Work Wage Stuff

I was going to write a bit earlier but I had to calm down as I was really angry regarding what I’m about to write about.

So the company that I work for is cutting hours again due to, essentially, “not enough hours to go around” (I’m paraphrasing a bit here, but that is the specific reasoning). Finally, after many months of their trying, they’ve effectively putting the contact centre employees under the poverty line. A few problems with this one.

The first being that we can’t apply for JobKeeper as, whilst many industries are suffering, the one I work for (or at least the company) is doing quite well when it comes to generating profits. They’re benefiting quite a fair bit off of people having more available time due to COVID-19. Means we can’t get JobKeeper.

On top of that, for various reasons we can’t get JobSeeker either. I know a few of us are looking for work elsewhere, but of course work is both numerous and sparse, so finding a job is quite difficult at the moment. Could very well happen, but might not.

How it feels is that the place is taking advantage of the situation to keep us working there. I don’t know as to how true that is, but what the service levels and profit reporting suggests is that the company is doing more than fine enough to give us more hours and thus more pay, but won’t.

I feel like I’m just blowing hot air at the moment, but this stuff really pisses me off. Obviously I have personal stakes in this matter (hence looking for another job), but what grinds my gears is that the company just actively refuses to look after the call centre staff.

Earlier in the year we saw a lot of people get fired as supposedly that was what we wanted. We didn’t want to see people get fired; we wanted more hours. We were then told our jobs were not safe, and then our hours were reduced.

I really wish I could state which company I work for, but to be honest I don’t feel safe doing so. I don’t think I’ll be investigated or anything like that, but I do think that if, by chance one of the managers came across this blog and saw the name mentioned, then it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out as to who I am and that could risk my employment, because right now I do need a job until I get onto another one.

Well, I need to have more money coming in so I can survive, but yeah.

So a big company is treating a section of its staff quite poorly. So what? Happens all the time. Problem is that it shouldn’t. For us, we’re getting slammed at the moment and we’re having our hours cut. I think that’s fucked. I’m sure that it’s happening with other companies turning a profit.

Whilst it’s disappointing, it’s also unsurprising behaviour.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 14:16:51

I had to keep stopping as I was trying to stay calm whilst writing this.

Feels kind of weird to write as it feels like a “poor me” thing, but, well, I felt the need to write about what was happening.

Written at home.



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