One Thousand Word Challenge 54: Writing of This Length

I’m feeling a little overdue for a writing of this length and I keep on meaning to write some senseless fiction of the length of which I am currently undertaking, but to be honest I’ve no ideas. That’s not really much of a reason to not try and write; It’s not so much that I need ideas as, so long as I start with a chain of something then it can blossom into something else. It would be more accurate to say that I am rather tired, though after a draining day of dealing with people getting angry over things that they should not get angry over (though admittedly there were quite a few who were justifiably angry) I find it difficult to not be tired. That’s the framing that you’re getting for however many paragraphs follow this paragraph.

So anyway, I’m sitting here and writing away and all I want to do is have the energy to finish reviews and not feel like I’m struggling right now. It’s not that bad a problem, but it screws with my productivity. On the plus side (as evidenced by this existing) I am pushing through it, but I do wish I was able to push through it all with a bit more efficiency than I currently am able to. Oh well. Such is the way of things. It’s not like I won’t go to sleep tonight and end up feeling well-rested in the morning.

But of course I am just sitting here and writing about how I am just sitting here writing about how I am just sitting here, writing whilst trying to think of things to write. To be fair, it is one of the things that I write about more than other things but I am trying to move away from it as it seems that I’ve said as much as I care to say about trying to write and trying to come up with things to write. It’s an easy thing to dig into, but that’s no real excuse at this point. What needs to be done is the branching of the out so that I can vary it up a bit instead of saying the same thing as many times as I have.

Branching out… now that is something to write about, but right now that is not what I will be writing about as instead I’m just going to get this done, then share a photo, then make my bed, then do the dishes, then go to bed. It is getting late in the evening and I do want to rest. Well, I want to write, then get things done, then rest and preferably in that order, but if I am not careful than I could very well mess it all up which would leave me in a situation of some level of confusion or imbalance or something else. Either that or I’d just make sure that, once I realise I’m not going in the order that I was in, reorient myself so that I was, or just go with it. There are a few options there for the choosing and so I’d end up choosing one of those, which I guess makes sense as even if I were to walk away from the whole situation, that too would be one of the options that was available to me and so I’d still be within the realm of making the choices that are available to me, or something.

So anyway, I think I need to get back to trying to work out what it is that I’m trying to write about, but I’ve strayed so far from that that there is no turning back at this point. I could turn back but instead I’m going to say that I cannot as that is more exciting and adventurous and leaves a path of uncertainty in front of me even though I know what lies ahead. I;m still going to pretend, however, as that does make the excitement more exciting and right now that is what I’m trying to cultivate, even though this is by all accounts one of the more… well, not relaxed, but perhaps calmer things I’ve written in a long time. Maybe that’s a good thing, but if you are looking for excitement, you might be best served going elsewhere for the time being. Right now this is the place of dull writing, though whether it is or is not is not something that I am able to tell.

Well, I’ve got all of that out of the way so I guess I should start wrapping the whole thing up. Once more I am nearing the end of the text and once more I am struggling, but I think I have a better idea in mind for an ending for this one.

It involves the conjuring of the visual of looking out across a desert that lies in front. It has some features but seems featureless. It seems to stretch on farther than what is imaginable, yet remains surmountable. There is a person standing, looking ahead and trying to work out as to which way is the best way to go. They are yet to know it, but all options lead to some sort of location where something can be gained depending on what it is that the person is looking for. Right now it is all the working out which way is the best way for them and trying to make sure that they are prepared for what lies ahead.

They look back and behind them is the same desert with the same expanse still appearing as though it is insurmountable. They look forward once more and, knowing that they have made their choice, refuse the idea of turning back. They reject what it is that is behind them and look outward, working out how they will follow the path of which they feel they need to follow.

With certainty, they take their first steps.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 14:53:35

Probably one of the more grounded things I’ve written of late. Kind of a mess but still able to be followed… I think.

I have a strong desire to go for the thousand word mark a bit more to see how it influences how I write.

Written at home.


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