Five-Hundred Word Challenge 727: From Plant to Forest

Filtration of the sun’s light by clouds covering the surface of the earth, though eventually enough is allowed through. When it pierces the earthly heavens it shines on the soils of which have been moistened by the cloud’s produce. A combination of other factors creates circumstances favourable to allow for forms of life to pierce from the covering of the soil’s surface and sprout into something. It all starts off quite small, but given enough time and favourable conditions, and the small flora eventually grows into something larger.

It takes a lot of time, but eventually it reaches a point where predation is of little, if any concern to its existence. The flora grows thick and large and spreads itself. Over time it reaches a point where it is ready to propagate and, waiting for the right conditions, allows its seeds to spread and thus repeat the cycle.

It takes a long time, but eventually a forest is produced. It is shaded under much of the vegetation, but there is a grand variety of organisms that come to call the forest their home. One single tree ends up housing a whole ecosystem full of invertebrates, as does the soil of which it takes it nutrients from.

Vertebrates sometimes feast on the invertebrates, but sometimes they also feast on other vertebrates. sometimes they consume various flora in order to obtain their sustenance.

Vegetation is thick and in some places perceived as being impenetrable. What those parts hide is likely to be nothing out of the ordinary other than more habitat in which organisms would consider to be their place of residence.

Due to the shading of the canopy in places, some vegetation remains more shallow than in other locations; as such, there are a swathe of natural pathways throughout the forest. Many ways in and out. It remains quite easy to get lost within its grand body, but of course there is always an easy way out.

Given more time and the vegetation continues to spread and form a greater forest. Organisms shift and change. Some leave, some remain. The composition alters, but the forest remains the same as it was beforehand.

The area considered the centre increases in density. Eventually what was a collection of vegetation ends up a highly thickened cluster among a conglomerate. It houses the origin of the forest and all the habitat that it provides. It houses the first plant to sprout that was able to firmly take hold and survive. It contains the first tree that was able to survive and propagate and spread enough to alter what existed to something far more habitable to a different collection of organisms than those that already lived in the area, though of course some did remain. It was the spot where the light of the sun was sustained long enough through a cloud-drenched sky, thus – along with many favourable factors – allowed for the young vegetation to grow and spread, changing the landscape’s appearance to something entirely new.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:12:28

I feel as though I had something interesting (word-wise) going at the start and ended up fumbling. I’m trying to write more fiction

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