One Thousand Word Challenge 59: Ecrement

So I started off writing this about how I was certain that at the particular point of writing when I commenced writing I was certain that I was awake, though it needs to be clarified that I had been awake for quite a few hours by that point. It was poetic license I was trying to employ poetic license to the text of which I was writing, but it didn’t quite work out and so I scrapped the whole thing.

My plan was to talk about dreams by using the term “ecrement” as a springboard and hopefully build into something that, whilst perhaps not deep or highly intellectual, would at least provide some sort of food for thought. That was the idea. However, the scrapping was a better choice. As said before (saying this so I can justify my repetition), it didn’t quite work out. It didn’t have a certain feeling to it and so I dropped the whole thing like something worth getting rid of. Instead it is replaced by whatever this is. I’m going to try and stretch this out and hope that it works, but it probably won’t, though probably it just might.

So, before I really get into the proverbial meat of things, I should probably explain the term ecrement. It’s a term that I remember from my dream last night. I can’t provide the context, nor the reasoning for its use; the only other thing I remember from the dream is how bizarre it was. I have a vague sense of some forms, but they might be my mind trying to fill in blanks. It was bizarre – I know that much – and it featured the term, “ecrement”.

I’ve done a search to see if this term means anything and it seems as though it does not. It may be a surname, so perhaps it means something in a language that I don’t speak. That’s always possible. However, outside of that (and the potentially being a surname), I have nothing. I don’t know why it was a term that came into my dream and I don’t know why I can still remember it so vividly as a term. Perhaps it might be due to it coming close to being words that I do know, but not quite getting there. Anyway, I digress.

Actually, maybe I don’t digress. Maybe I do not digress as it is interesting to discuss dreams and how they have have an effect on you. Often I remember the dreams I have quite well, though I only end up writing about a few of them for reasons of laziness, among others, but I do think it is good to discuss them and see what comes of said discussion. I think it is interesting to see how dreams do affect and impact on people. There are so many ways in which a dream can go and strike at someone’s emotions and memory. Some can be far more vivid than desired, whereas some can be quite vague, yet highly impressionable.

I don’t know much about the specifics of dreams. My understanding is that they have something to do with the subconscious (among other things), but I have to admit that I could be completely incorrect in my understanding of that. There is a lot of research into dreams (as far as I’m aware) and I’m not quite interested in going down that rabbit hole (at this particular time, because who knows if that will change in the future), so my understanding is (as far as I’m aware [I’ve done that twice now in one sentence, which probably isn’t a good thing, but Stupidity Hole has never been part of The Praetorian Guard for grammar, spelling and efficient sentence structure]), not the strongest.

I find it interesting that dreams can stick with someone for a lengthy period of time. Often they disappear within the waking moments and only the implication of something experienced during sleep is what remains. Sometimes that implication lasts for a few hours, but then is forgotten. When dreams are vivid enough to be remembered after waking up, that is when it seems they will linger and last as though they are on a repeat of sorts. Some parts of the dream may disappear where others become more focused upon in a way that implies some sort of importance to those parts.

I don’t remember the dream I had last night, but the term “ecrement” stuck. I guess my mind removed all of what it felt was unnecessary and left me with that term; well, that and the understanding that it was a bizarre dream.

What does it mean? Do I even care? Not really. I’m more curious as to why that particular term stuck out more than if it has any meaning about something I may or may not be experiencing, though I imagine that these things are related to each other in this context, though maybe they are not.

Anyway, dreams are a pretty wonderful thing, though of course there is no denying that they can be as terrifying as they can be pleasant. It’s all part of the experience of the mind and how it moves things around and allows us to experience things in certain ways. There’s probably a lot more that can be said about the whole thing, but that’s not how I’m doing things today. Today it’s all just surface touching. Digging deeper can be saved for some other time. As always, there are things that need doing and the doing of these things needs to commence sooner rather than later. I am awake and if I am awake, I am capable of getting things underway. Doing at least that much will mean a little less to do tomorrow, and so on and so forth.

So, with all of that being said it is time to wrap this post up. The day ahead is a productive one, though perhaps I’ll slip into a daydream at some point.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 17:58:61

Happy with the speed. Not the fastest; not the slowest.

I feel as though the writing is quite smooth in places. Generally comes together quite well. Some parts are weaker than I’d hoped, but that’s the way things go on the odd occasion.

Written at home.

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