One Thousand Word Challenge 66: Stuff on Science

I have no idea as to how I’ve squeezed so much into so little, but somehow I have and now I’m here and probably more ready than usual. That is a plus. However, I need to do other things. Getting the things done. It’s a process. It is a thing. A thing that involves doing things to get things done. All a process. It is a web, though only sometimes.

So I think I have a few things to say this morning but I don’t really know what I want to say, if that makes sense. There are so many things that I’m hoping to get done by the end of the day. I don’t know if I will or will not; it’s going to take time to see if there are any results. However, there will be at least some things done. Hopefully.

I hope.

So anyway, it’s been a bit of a busy morning and that doesn’t add anything to the conversation of which I’m trying to have right now, but then again this isn’t really a conversation. This is a monolog dressed in a polemic disguising itself as an aimless, pointless diatribe. Surprising I know.

That all said, I really should try and make sure that I find some sort of thing to at least focus on. I don’t want to do one of those lengthy rambles that goes nowhere as, whilst those are good for working on my speed, phrasing and expression, as well as working on the stream-of-consciousness stuff, I don’t feel like doing such a thing. I want to write something meaningful and get all that expressiveness forward; something that is focused and gets to the point whilst being poignant the whole way through; something that stands tall and shows that not all of this writing is a total waste of time. However, that probably won’t happen and, to be honest, I don’t necessarily have an issue with that.

What I do have an issue with is those that are happy to accept science until it’s inconvenient.

Being a scientist is both awesome and incredibly difficult. Assuming that a whole slew of factors don’t prevent it from happening, you get to do research and build up on data, evidence and information (I’m aware that data and evidence cover information pretty thoroughly, but I felt the flow of the sense worked better including the word “information”) to help make informed decisions. You get to contribute to building and strengthening a greater understanding and knowledge of the world.

That’s one of the greatest things anyone can do and it’s humbling as it helps to build the understanding of just how little we know, despite our efforts. Of course scientists often end up knowing a lot about whatever it is they specialise in, but it ends up making you realise just how little we know about the world and how it functions. This is of course part of what makes being a scientist so awesome. This is of course (again) assuming that a whole slew of factors don’t prevent you from doing research, as there are quite a few (some of which I disagree with) but that’s not for here today.

It’s incredibly difficult as some people will actively reject anything deemed inconvenient, despite how minor or major an inconvenience that inconvenience may present. Often said rejection is through indifference or some sort of derision, but sometimes it is with hostility. I don’t understand why; well, I think I might but I don’t feel like getting into that right now.

There is plenty of inconvenient information out there and you can’t just bury your head in in the sand when you come across it. Well, actually you can, but why? Why wouldn’t you want to have an opportunity to know more so you can be more informed and thus make smarter decisions? Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Why, instead of that, would you want to make it harder for scientists to help us better understand the world? Why would you want to harass and abuse them for writing about something you don’t agree with, despite all the information and data out there suggesting that what they’re writing about is strongly supported?

Of course there are a few problems when it comes to science; that I cannot deny, but this is not what I’m covering at the moment. I can talk about that another time. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about it before, but that was a while ago and I haven’t beaten the subject to death (unlike some other things), so maybe I just will sooner rather than later, but I digress.

You know what would be massively beneficial for science? If there was more support for it. That’s not to say that support already isn’t massive, but there certainly is enough against certain things that seem to see more picking and choosing than others.

More support would mean less stress and more focus on getting information to the public. Being aware of that information would mean being better equipped to make informed decisions. Making informed decisions would take pressure of scientists and as such they’d be able to spend more time focusing on research without having to deal with a whole load of unnecessary stressors.

Besides which, the research produced is often not meant for creating convenience or inconvenience; it’s meant to provide information. How that information used is another thing entirely.

Anyway, I think that at this point I’ve made my point. I know there is some unnecessary repetition in there, but really I think the thing I’m most trying to say is that many scientists in various disciplines are doing something that can ultimately lead to the betterment of everyone and everything, but it only works when people aren’t actively resisting stuff that they might find inconvenient. There are worse things out there; so long as more people start listening and learning and being more aware, those things can hopefully be avoided.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 19:01:25

This is a big dumb rant and the point has been made many times by people better equipped to make the point. Still, I’m fairly certain I got my point across.

I thought a lot about what I was writing, which is why this took longer than some of my more recent writings of this length. I’m fine with the length as despite this being a big dumb rant, I think it reads (mostly) well.

Written at home.

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