Five-Hundred Word Challenge 790: Describing Some Music Poorly

Grinding away on a sound that seems to hold the melody that I so desire to hear, but I’m not hearing it as much as I would like as it’s vying for attention against a relentless rainfall, but once the rain relents a little the sound is already over and now shifting gears toward something a bit more mean and angry. Noisy still and perhaps a little less interesting, or more interesting depending on how you want to look at it.

Wild solo plays out whilst the bass and drums groove away, locked into each other, holding the fort down as they say. This guitar can’t get too far away, but it knows that it wants to. Still needs to remain anchored to some extent, but it certainly is trying to get away in any way that it can.

Now the rain has stopped and once more the sound is audible, though of course it has shifted as has the shift to a new melody commenced. Perhaps this is something more mournful, though I can’t quite be sure. It seems perhaps more languid than mournful. Still a bit of noise, though the noise is coming more from the sound of the music than it is the sound of the instruments. Rattling percussion, a sudden splash of guitar and a rumbling bass exercise their way through a pattern of energised and compressing space. Still, nothing claustrophobic or suffocating. There remains external room for moving around whilst the thing hits and once more shifts into something sounding a little more melodious charges on in.

The vocals express some sort of intention, though remain thoroughly disconnected in sound, creating perhaps an analogue of the generalised feelings of how things were at the time this music was recorded. The rain outside threatens to come in and take over once more. Like two breaking waves, it quickly comes in, then pulls back from the shoreline in a sound rather reminiscent of some sort of static. It’s a quiet creeping, though rather present. Once more it has fallen away and the music has won the battle for attention at this stage. It was a fight that was rather short-lived.

And now once more another shift and now into something with a greater punch and enthusiasm, though the punch is quite gentle. Melodic risings followed by rhythm, rhythm and more rhythm. There’s a sort of galloping sense to what is going on, but once more the vocals sound disconnected and perhaps “over it”, though there certainly is a sense of passion hidden somewhere underneath the drawl of it all. Structures far more familiar here and there, and everything is pretty locked into each other. A tightly-flowing unit that drives on home and keeps on driving and pushes forward and keeps the whole thing together whilst effortlessly building on its own construction, though keeping it more low than high and instead building internally whilst pushing outward.

A little bit more to go and the band passionately rages on.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:28:81

I think that at the start I was going to write about the rain and somehow spin that off into something not related to music. I think. Instead I wrote about what I was listening to, though of course the rain still has a small featuring in the writing.

I think that as a writing exercise this is interesting as it provides practise for observational writing… or is that analytical writing? Is it either?

The flow’s alright.

The songs I attempted to describe are all from Dinosaur Jr. Specifically they were a part of “Sludgefeast”, some of “The Lung” and some amount of “Raisans”; all songs from You’re Living All Over Me.

Written at home.

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