Sophia: Resisting

Aside from a couple of pauses most of this was written in one listen. It’s loose, but it’s descriptive. Not sure if that is a good thing or a good thing. Maybe I wasn’t lost enough in the song, but I’m not completely certain.

Did repeat the last few seconds a few times to make sure what I was hearing was indeed what I was hearing.

“Resisting” is from Sophia’s As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours).
It is also from As We Make Our Way (The Live Recordings).

Also, here are links to reviews I wrote for (Unknown Harbours) and (The Live Recordings). I might look at writing about these albums again to see if I have improved as a reviewer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Short fade in, suddenly a beat and a bit more context. A flowing, perhaps melancholic melody. Rising, falling, driving, pressing itself forward, creating a strong sense of mood. Noise; controlled noise, but still quite formed.

About to build, about to break and it drops out. An almost rolling drum pattern, cleaner instruments. A voice comes in. It indicates the presence of tears, then states that it knows not what is being constantly resisted, as well as what is being fought against. This is a determined section. It continues the shape of the song, gives it direction.

Once more the song shifts and once more the melancholy remains strong, though there is a sense of continuing on the words, though without using words. Clean guitar and the melody seems to be asking questions. The kick of the drum keeps holding the beat steady Once the beat returns there’s a bit more electric in the guitar as it shifts the melody through texture and tone. Well, more that it adds to it than it does shift.

Electric sounds become present once more. The sense of realisation, the sound of something in the background. A sort of descending and rising melody. Multiple voices join in unison to repeat the statement of the lack of understanding what it is that is constantly resisted and fought against.

The beat returns and the song becomes climactic. Rolling forward, driving forward, strong and supportive. The guitars continue and create a full, thick, expansive sound. It all drives on home, the vocals continue. Rather than a sense of coldness, there is a sense of the welcoming. Perhaps a sense of realisation and rising above troublesome times.

The beat drops, one more vocal repetition, then the guitars start to fade, revealing some underlying instrumentation. Then everything quickly fades out, leaving a walk into what may be the unknown, but with a sense of certainty in decision.

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