One Thousand Word Challenge 80: Rambling About Dreams

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you realise that in fact you have not woken up, but perhaps are still dreaming. There is a weird sensation that comes along with this and this is not something that I quite understand, so I won’t get into it too much, though probably in saying that, perhaps I will get into it. Well just have to see how the thing travels.

But anyway, sometimes you don’t wake up and you eel as though you have woken up, but you haven’t and you realise that and then you don’t know what is going on. Or maybe you do. Sometimes this can be stressful, but sometimes it can be a calming affair as suddenly you bring a little bit of logic into a dream world of sorts. It might not be a dream world, but I am going to pretend that it is indeed a dream world as that makes it a lot easier for me tor amble on about things that don’t matter, so that is what we’re going with today.

So what is it that you do in this state of awareness? Where do you go? Who do you visit? Do you go to the local COFFEE shop and get a COFFEE? Is that what you feel is the justified action in taking when you are able to explore your dreamscape that you are now aware of of being within? Is this something that you do?

Instead, do you go to the grocery store and do your shopping and purchase what you can but realise that the labels are a little off in that maybe they are not centred, or maybe they don’t match product descriptions, or something. Maybe they all have one word on them and as you peruse the aisles you realise that you’re sliding more than you are awaking, which of course is its own experience that you get to experience.

Maybe you don’t do either of those things and just get on with your day and do your best to avoid engaging with the dream logic until you wake up, in which case you won’t have to engaged with the dream logic as you no longer are caught in the dream and thus are able to go about your day. Of course, if you try to not engage with dream logic you might still be engaging with dream logic and not realising it as dreams have a way of making things seem logical, even when they are not logical. That is some of the power of dreams and it is a power that perhaps we should harness to somehow transform the world into something that it already is, or something.

Maybe if we could turn dreams into a source of energy, though of course they already are a source of creativity and as such should be embraced more, or not, depending on how you feel about the whole thing of course. There are other places to get inspiration from and dreams are just one source, but they certainly are a powerful source and certainly one that is worth engaging with more, I think.

There is a great power in dreams and of course sometimes there is a great terror in dreams. They have the power to move people and shift them around and also tap into fear in a way that nothing else often can come close of doing, but often there is a lack of control in these dreams, even though there may be a sense of control. That just so happens to be the way that dreams sometimes go. However, of course there also is the concept of lucid dreaming in which you dream lucidly. That might not be the correct term, now that I think about it.

Anyway, with this type of dreaming you are aware that you are in a dream and in being aware that you are in a dream you build the ability to get control… I think… or autonomy within the dream. I guess that is what I was referring to at the start of this writing.

Anyway, so you get to move around the world of the dream of which your mind has created and you get to explore and stuff,and perhaps there is a grand old adventure somewhere in there. Who knows? Maybe there is nothing. Maybe it’s all regular stuff and you just go about doing the things that you’d normally do and then you wake up and go about doing the things that you’d normally do.

However, maybe you do get to go on that adventure and go exploring to the fullest extent of which exploration is allowed in whatever it is that you’ve created and then you create memories from your dreams and then it’s kind of like dimension hopping and you go about and do all this stuff, but of course all the dimensions are in your mind, but it still can be fun. Still can be terrifying, but can be fun and having fun is fun, but experiencing things is more fun.

Okay, sometimes it is not, but it can be, but it’s about the experiencing and building upon your web of memories and all of that other stuff. It’s also about dreams and exploring those dreams and seeing what you can get out of them and how they can give you stuff and all that other stuff.

Well, maybe it’s not about that and I’m just waffling on and waffling on and waffling on some more. Perhaps none of this is about dreams and I’m just within a dream and the dreamer is yet to wake and I need the dreamer to stay asleep so I can exist, or maybe I’m within my own dream and instead of dreaming about stuff I’m dreaming about writing about dreams.

Maybe none of those are possibilities, except for the waffling on bit. That likely holds water.

I think I should start getting ready for work.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 10:50:15

I think there’s stuff worth expanding on in this, but I probably won’t.

Written at home.

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