One Thousand Word Challenge 101: Searching for my Idea

So I had this idea for writing something whilst I was in the bathroom and then I think I waited too long as now I can’t quite remember what the idea is. I think I have a vague recollection of what it was that I was going to write about, but that’s about as far as this recollection goes and I feel as though this is a bit of an issue as the idea was a good one (I think), though good in the sense that it was going to be rather silly and I felt that that would make for some fun writing for this morning.

I guess that now that I want to try and recapture that idea, I need to go on some sort of journey in order to chase it down and find out as to where it has gone. If I do that, then perhaps I will finally see what it was and be able to remember it and therefore we will greet each other as though we were old friends, or something.

The issue that compounds upon this, however, is that I don’t know where to start looking in order to commence the journey of searching and that itself poses a problem. Oh sure, I could start where I am right now, but how do I know that that is the right place to start? What if that turns out to be the misleading way and therefore I end up getting farther and farther away from the idea of which I thought of whilst I was in the bathroom? What then?

I don’t want to have to go through some sort of massive process that leads me further and further away from whatever it was that I was trying to work out so I could write about it and therefore end up somewhere far and away and in some distant land of which I don’t recognise, thus causing me to have to find a way back and during that way back go on many dangerous, yet exciting adventures over a period serialised by some sort of weekly screening on some sort of screen of which will allow the adventures to be viewed, with some episodes being classified as filler in order to break up the main flow of the plot in order to allow for some sort of lightheartedness among all of the darkness and serious gravity of plot moving at the required speed of board executive decision requirements in order to fulfill some sort of demographic quota.

I need to make sure that I go in the correct direction the first time so I need to sit down and work out all of the things that I need to work out so that the first step is the most careful of steps. So long as things keep on going in the direction that I need them to go in – that being the direction that will lead me to the idea that I don’t quite remember – then I will be able to get there eventually and not have to worry about a series of adventures needing to happen in order to get back to the start of the series adventures that need to happen in order for me to be able to get back on track and get back to doing what it is that I desire which just so happens to be finding the idea I originally had so that I can finally write about it and therefore tuck it away for some sort of future use. That is the plan and that is the goal.

Ultimately there will be adventures either way, but I want to make sure that the adventures are ones that lead me in the right direction rather than a direction in which I do not want to be led.

Well, I guess they would all lead me in the right direction, but one would take longer than the other.

Now that I think about it, maybe it would be better to not worry about which way is the right way to start looking and just go with it and see what happens. There is a virtue in planning, but ultimately I’m not overly fussed at the present moment. Of course that may change sooner rather than later, but going the wrong way isn’t the worst of things that could happen. If I’m not overly fussed about digging up the idea, going the wrong way might just be the right way anyway as it could lead to discovering things that I would not have discovered otherwise. That is a thing that is worth considering. There are a lot of things here that are worth considering.

Still, this is all stuff that I don’t particularly want to think about at the moment and instead I just want to get on with my day and work out the things that I need to work out in order to lead myself back to the idea…. wait; no I don’t… or do I?

Alright, I think I’ve lost my train of thought and should therefore probably go back to the station so that I can wait for the next train and then hop on, sit down on one of the empty seats and let it take me to where I was which was working out how much I care about planning the first step of trying to work out what my idea was by looking for it, and whether the making sure the first step is the right step is necessarily going to be better than going the wrong way as both will provide adventures and ideas and perhaps remembering the original idea is not overly important.

However, there often is a long wait for the train and so maybe instead of waiting for it I’ll just follow the tracks for a while and soak in whatever views that affords me whilst thinking about the idea and hoping that it eventually reveals itself.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 12:31:20

This was fun to write.

I remembered the idea that I had early on and will probably use it for the next thing I write. Decided to just run with what I was writing instead of changing course.

Written at home.

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