Five-Hundred Word Challenge 884: More Rambling About Dreams

A morning daze and it takes a while to wake up, there still is waking up from some sort of state of deep dreaming where the line between waking up and dreaming is blurred and so you just kind of sidestep your way through all these obstacles and then eventually get to where you need to be, though it might just be an interpretation of where you need to be.

For instance, you go to the bathroom and maybe the door’s handle is a little further away from the edge than it would normally be, or perhaps it is exactly where it usually is which still somehow feels off as it’s not what you’d expect. You can’t feel it but it certainly is there and your mind creates a feeling from the memory of feeling, but of course it is slightly off and that then ends up being unsettling.

Perhaps everything else is regular; perhaps it is not. There is every possibility that you might be wondering about chocolate even though there is no chocolate to be had, or something else entirely. It is the dream state and you’ve crossed over into it even though you were meant to cross over into the reality state.

Maybe you are in reality but you still feel like you’re dreaming due to the thoughts that you’re having from only having woken up a few minutes prior.

I don’t know as to where I was going with that, so I’m going to drop it and move onto something else that is related.

I think part of the interesting thing about dreams is that there is a certain sense of “the norm” to them at times; even among the more fantastic dreams, there can be a sense of what is happening to not be out of place. Not always, but sometimes. I think that maybe that can be part of why when someone wakes up from a dream there can be some sort of surprise, or shock, or whatever it is that can be experienced when waking up and realising what you experienced was a dream; I’m not sure of the term. Maybe it is a sense of relief (sometimes).

I’m probably way off on this as know nothing about how dreams operate (outside of a very, VERY light reading on them which probably means I know less than had I not read anything at all [maybe]); Maybe it is much like waking from one reality to another reality. Dreams can feel very real, so (especially if they’re a particular kind of intense) waking up from one can provide relief as you’re no longer living in what was a space that was very much felt like a real reality for a time being, and maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t.

Perhaps in this waking up from a deep state of dreaming and coming into reality is something that we do more often than we realise, though of course it might just be an uncommon occurrence.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:19:06

Slower than I thought I wrote, but that’s okay.

Really surface stuff. Maybe I should go for a deep dive on dreams at some point in the near future.

Written at home.

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