Five-Hundred Word Challenge 885: Tired Rambling

So I’ve been sitting here for far too long, staring off into nothingness. It is now into the afternoon and I’m finally lighting up and getting ready to power on and get things done. There is a lot to get done.

I feel as though a second coffee would be great to have right now, but of course that i0s not going to happen. I need to be functional to some extent. Whether that extent extends far enough for me to be functional, something something and now we’re going on one of those wanderings where little will make sense beyond this point as I’m sleepy and have little else to go off, so brace yourself as this is now about to happen. This will all take off and I will find the way to the end and you get the idea.

So I was going for a walk the other day when I just so happened upon a sign. I was unable to make out what the sing said and the closer I put my eyes to its words, the farther and more distant they became. This of course was not out of the ordinary, for I was in the void, but they were not moving and I also was quite still when I was looking at this sign.

Of course eventually I turned away and kept on walking. I had other things to think about and the frog in me was looking to get out, which it did. It burst right out of my body and it was not a pleasant sight, but I was fine.

Once I turned the corner and was heading to the shops the frog looked around and wandered as to what it was to do now that it was immersed in light and not an area that one could consider as being shaded. I could not offer it any answers and it could not offer any answers to itself, so, it being the sensible frog that it was, grew its wings and flew on off in search of a place with a bit more moisture.

I continued on and hoped that the legs would not combine too much as I needed them to keep with my increasing forward momentum and I was not looking looking forward to engaging in a spinning momentum. I still had things I needed to take care of and this was not the time to not be able to take care of things.

Of course I didn’t have much of a say in it and so I sat down and pondered the mystery of it all. Then, when the time was right, I struck forth and dodge the issues that plagued my being. Therefore, there was a sense of success in what I had and had not done and therefore I felt powerful, but it was only for a brief moment and brief moments do not last long, so I headed on home and had a big and long rest.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:22:81

Faster than yesterday.
Not great writing.

Written at home.

About Stupidity Hole

I'm some guy that does stuff. Hoping to one day fill the internet with enough insane ramblings to impress a cannibal rat ship. I do more than I probably should. I have a page called MS Paint Masterpieces that you may be interested in checking out. I also co-run Culture Eater, an online zine for covering the arts among other things. We're on Patreon!
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2 Responses to Five-Hundred Word Challenge 885: Tired Rambling

  1. spanishwoods says:

    One word for this: yes
    keep on keepin’ on

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