Michiko Naruke: Migratory Birds ~ Wandering Bird Scoundrels

I feel as though it has been too long since I last did one of these (about a month) and had been meaning to write about this song in some capacity for a week or so.

I think that if I sat down for a few hours to write about this bit of music I could encapsulate it much better. I wasn’t quite sure as to what I was trying to cover when I wrote what I’ve written here. I tried to express the sense of journeying in some manner and only covered a beginning of the journey which sort of makes sense, but the song’s use manages to cover more than just that.

I switched to trying to express what was happening with the instruments I don’t feel as though I did a good enough job there, even if this is a short writing.

The song isn’t the most complex work out there but I do feel I could have done better. Perhaps instead of just one listen I should have gone through the song a few times at the least.

Michiko Naruke’s (なるけみちこ) “Migratory Birds ~ Wandering Bird Scoundrels” (“渡り鳥無頼”) is from the seemingly western influenced Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Wild Arms Advanced 3rd.

I hope you enjoy.

Cymbals fade in and the land ahead presents itself. It all opens and it all presents itself as vast and expansive and the journey through it must commence.

Of course the journey is large but its steps are small, especially compared to what lies ahead. There’s preparation and determination and then the act of setting out; leaving home or wherever accommodation was considered regular and so drifting on off into the great unfamiliar land lies ahead. It is a journey vast and grand and the first steps are taken to head on out.

The dramatic nature of this journey shifts and moves. A determined and singular whistle rings out over stringed instruments. Bass comes in with percussion and the walking forward to wherever the next destination may lie follows on through. More strings come in as well as vocals and something like a xylophone, heightening the sense of the dramatic and signifying the grandness of the journey. At this point it seems grand on a personal level, though experience will show it to be small compared to the eventual grandness of what it ends up becoming.

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