Five-Hundred Word Challenge 899: Investigation

An early waking up once more and once more I feel alert enough. How odd. This is a mystery that I feel as though I need to investigate.

The first thing that I should probably do is look for clues, but in reality the first thing I should probably do is head to the scene of the incident. Maybe there will be paperwork involved. This is a journey that must be completed before any other work that involves the act of investigating can proceed. If I look for clues where I currently am situated, then I’m probably not going to get very far unless I know what it is that I’m meant to be looking for, which I don’t, so therefore to the scene of the incident first. Also some paperwork, maybe.

Then I shall begin the process of looking for clues.

How I shall look for them is not something I can say, but I imagine that it will involve some sort of due process that I need to follow. Anything outside of that is what I’d like to refer to as trade secret, but really is me trying to cover for the fact that I don’t know what I am doing and just hoping for the best and also hoping that no one discovers that I have no idea as to what it is that I’m doing.

After this is done, I then will go through the process of going to some place where I can work out the evidence and try and piece it all into one puzzle that has all of its pieces so then I can work out why it is that I have woken up early two days in a row.

The first of course might just remain a mystery, but the light shall be shed on the second one and that is what I am hoping for. After the light is shed, I can then work out completely why, or something.

However, perhaps there is a twist. Perhaps that twist might lead to some of the information being wrong to throw off the scent, for there is a twist most revelatory and therefore it is one that will shake the very foundations of the investigation to its core.

There is the possibility that perhaps I already know why I have woken up early and therefore I don’t want others to find out and therefore I will do what I can to make sure that they cannot find out, but do so in a way that does not hint and obfuscation. Therefore there will be more obfuscation of the most obfuscating and misleading variety and perhaps at the end of it all it will remain only I who knows of the thing that is the cause and only I who will be able to grapple with it, but who knows?

There is every chance that I might leave the wrong misleading clue that will then lead to the source. The twist could be discovered.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:46:56

Silly early morning writing, but this is quite cohesive.
More so than other things I’ve recently written.

Written at home.

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